5 Reasons Using Solar Energy Is A Good Business Move

There is a growing demand for electric power along with increasing worries over preserving the environment. More businesses are turning to alternative sources of power both to defray costs and be less dependent on the public energy grid. Of all the options out there, such as wind farms and fuel cells, solar technology is the most advanced and the most versatile. It’s been used to power everything from vehicles to entire buildings. The US government even has a site devoted to the usage of solar power. Overall, the amount of energy behind solar power is incredible, so many companies are now taking advantage of this solution for the many benefits it provides. Here are just a few of those benefits.

Lower Operating Costs

If your company has the space on rooftops or flat ground, solar panels will significantly reduce or even eliminate electric bills. This can mean big savings for both small and large companies who rely on electricity to run computers and equipment. The energy savings can be seen as an investment when applied to other aspects of the business for marketing or upgrades. Solar panels are becoming even smaller and more efficient, so a surprising low investment could meet your power needs for many years to come.

Additional Savings

Federal incentives and tax breaks could also further decrease the cost of installing solar panels. The majority of people and politicians are steadfast supporters of alternative energy to break our dependence on fossil fuels as the population continues to grow. The low cost and very long-term benefits of solar power could make it one of the smartest financial moves a public or commercial organization could make. Many states also offer incentives; for instance a Utah solar provider can guide you through the whole process of design and installation as well as the savings benefit.

Low-Maintenance Power

Many solar panels carry warranties of 25 years or more. Even older systems have seen useful lifespans of 40 years, and the new systems are made of even more durable materials. While some people wonder about the effect of cloud cover on solar panels, they will still operate in any level of light. They are generally used to charge batteries, so there will always be power especially if the batteries are not drained. A properly installed solar power system needs little or no maintenance and will continue to serve reliably for 40 years or more.

Get That “Green” Label

Use of solar power means reduced consumption of fossil fuels, and consequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane that contribute to global warming and leave pollutants in the atmosphere. Embracing alternative energy is a good PR and marketing move which shows consumers your company actively participates in conserving energy and the environment. This addition to your public image evokes a positive response from the public.

Sell It Back

Especially in hot summers and cold winters people are drawing a lot of power to maintain comfort at home and in the office. As traditional sources of energy are stretched thin, with the result that power companies have to actually purchase energy from one another. In the end, they keep raising their rates. Solar power will not only save you from the expense and worry, but those generating surplus energy can arrange to sell it back to the utilities through a process called net metering. Many utilities will even offer production incentives to get you started.

As the demand for alternative power rises, and technology improves, solar energy solutions become a wiser investment. Not only are their cash incentives for putting them in place, they continue to function for decades with almost zero maintenance.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.