Design Ideas for a Shared Office Kitchen

More and more offices are moving towards an open-concept, family-style layout complete with sprawling work spaces and shared amenities. One of the most popular amenities of any large office space is a shared office kitchen.

The perfect place to chat and mingle, as well as to stay and eat breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner, the office kitchen has many valuable uses for both employees and managers. Not only does an easily accessible kitchen spell out success, but a beautifully designed one will keep employees happy, healthy and excited to come to work every day.

Here are a few ways you can up the ante on your office kitchen’s design.

Cut Clutter with Simple Storage

One of the biggest complaints we hear about both residential and commercial kitchen spaces is lack of storage. Whether you need extra space for food or can’t seem to keep dishes and silverware organized, storage should be a top priority when considering updating your office kitchen. Utilize any and all spaces within the kitchen to add more storage.

For example, if you have a smaller kitchen space to work with, go vertical: Add wall shelves to organize food and install hooks to hang mugs and towels. If you have more space to work with, consider an island. These workhorses are the perfect way to add more surface area for employees who want to work while they eat, or simply want extra space for food prep. Look for a kitchen island that’s multifunctional with casters to roll away for more floor space and shelving underneath for snacks or dish storage.

Create Workspace with Multi-Height Counters 

Surface area plays a crucial role in the functionality of a kitchen space. Whether your company is comprised of ten part-time employees or hundreds of full-time workers, it’s important to make all parts of the office accessible, especially common areas like the kitchen. One of our favorite ways to encourage people to use the kitchen is by installing counter spaces at varying heights. That way, someone can stand and prepare their lunch or sit and work on their laptop as they eat.

 Add Interest with Mixed Metals

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in kitchen spaces is the look of mixed metals. Swapping out builder-style hardware for an antique brass or high-shine chrome is an easy way to make a big design difference. Next, update the space and give it a reason to be seen with a bright but neutral color palette. A layer of simple white paint and mixed metal hardware will make anyone happy to stay an extra hour at the office.

By listening to your employees’ needs and creating a safe and multifunctional work place, you can ensure your company will thrive—and that starts with a beautiful kitchen space. What are some of your go-to ways to update an office kitchen?

For her California Interior designer practice, Kerrie Kelly has worked with many businesses to create harmonious work environments that combine style and efficiency. Kerrie writes on business decor issues for The Home Depot. If you are reviewing ideas for your firm’s shared office kitchen, you can research on Home Depot’s website a number of cabinet styles discussed by Kerrie.