4 Essential Hires to Start Your Startup Right

The right synergy and combination of talent and experience are what forms the backbone of any startup. Though it does not ascertain future success, putting these four essential hires at the forefront of key daily operations can improve your chances of becoming a unicorn company in the near future. 


Especially in the early stages of a startup, accountants can save you a great deal of your limited capital, which can then be allocated elsewhere by handling the accounting and finances from the inside. An experienced accountant will be able to provide a broad range of services, each of which are integral, especially to early-stage companies. Services include obtaining business licenses, establishing accepted policies and procedures, tracking expenses, planning finances, and month-over-month accounting.

Occupational Health and Safety Expert
Every workplace faces certain environmental threats that could endanger the lives of its employees. From a loose nail that punctures and injures a foot to toxic cleaning products that are accidentally consumed, occupational safety hazards are omnipresent. A hire with a master’s in occupational health and safety can provide expert feedback and consultation with regards to the safety and well-being of workers in a given setting.

Project Manager

As the job title implies, a project manager is an advocate of timely, precise, and cost-effective project launches. They work with other departments to track progress and keep the workforce focused and working collectively on the predetermined path. A good project manager not only oversees timely project completion, but can also adapt to delays and adjust expectations in a snap. This means that your project manager should be flexible enough to assume different roles as needed, from being the architect who heads the design to being the manager who understands and can tweak specifics.


As your startup grows, it will have to raise more funds for it to survive long enough to reach success. A talented salesman can close deals, build and maintain customer relationships, and be the so-called “face” of your brand. A good salesman must have the willingness to learn something new each day and the undying desire to help the startup grow to something big. They should exude a high level of passion and enthusiasm when talking about your products and services.

Staffing your small startup team with these four types of people will cover all the fundamental aspects of running a startup. Aside from their technical talents, make sure that your hires also have the personality to collaborate effectively.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.