5 Team-Building Activities to Try at Work

Businesses are effective when everyone follows the rules and works independently. However, the results are greater when people work together to create new ideas and strengthen the company as a whole. Look over 5 ways to promote teamwork and improve communication at work.

1. Charades-Inspired Drawing

This drawing activity is similar to the word-guessing games of charades and Pictionary. One person receives an image and describes it to another person who draws it. The roles of instructing and drawing can be switched.

The game promotes teamwork because one person must rely on the instructions of another to produce an accurate drawing. The idea is that businesses cannot work without the cooperation of everyone.

2. Shrinking Circle

Create a circle on the floor and have several people sit inside. Gradually reduce the size of the space and require that they remain inside without bypassing the lines. This activity is ideal for creative teams that must come up with new, unique ideas. Players improve their skills in fast, complex problem solving.

3. Workplace Trivia

Learn how much the employees know about the company and the building where they work. Ask trivia questions about the design of the building, the brand of the equipment, the company’s practices and more. This game tests skills in memory and attention to detail.

Build teamwork skills by allowing two or more people to answer the question. For some answers, have the teams move around the workplace and search for the answer. Also, use a timer to encourage fast problem solving.

4. Charity at Work

Encourage your employees to be more charitable at work and elsewhere. Assign different roles that promote charity, like having someone handle the collection of recycled items around the office, promoting the cleanup of trash in the building, and organizing supplies and paperwork.

During holiday seasons, you could use your team budget on purchasing gifts for children in need. Most cities have a program or organization you can sign up with, and they’ll provide you with a child or two and that child’s favorite colors, clothes sizes and more. You can then purchase items like a backpack, shoes and a toy. Having the whole team participate in choosing these items for the children will bring the whole team together through charity and service.

5. Create a Mural

Work is typically not the place to be artistic, but in most workplaces, it’s necessary to build creativity and cooperation among employees. Have your employees create a mural of photographs, paintings or drawings that can be combined into one image, and then display that image in your team’s workspace.

Team-building activities are recommended to make better employees for your business. They learn how important it is to think fast and communicate with the others they work

with. Use these building activities to create a more positive work group with members that are more effective at working together.

Claire Stewart is a freelance writer and blogger focused on writing about health, travel, and business among other topics. She graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors in Women’s Studies and currently lives in Seattle with her goldfish, Merlin.