The New Smart Ways Post-Grad Millennials Make Money

Millennials, also called Generation Y or the Net Generation, have many labels, some of them not flattering. They have been called cocky, privileged or lazy. They became adults when the 21st century turned, a generation that grew up with digital technology. Different sources put in different periods when they were born, but it is safe to say that the starting year of the generation is 1979, ending in 2004, making them around the ages of 13 to 38. We can surmise that many of them have joined the workforce.

What’s it like to be a millennial?

This younger generation was reared on technological innovations. Millennials currently live in a socially networked and progressively online world. It is the generation that was most bombarded by attention from marketers. They are the most diverse generation ethically and are tolerant of differences. Because they were always told that they were special, many of them became over-confident that went beyond the regions of narcissism and entitlement. Many of them grew up having unrealistic expectations.

Many of the earlier millennials received higher education, but were disillusioned when they became employed in unrelated fields. Feeling dissatisfied, many millennials went from job to job, while others had to be content with being underemployed. It is believed that this disillusionment could be the result of the ever-present, involved and very encouraging helicopter parents.

Nevertheless, millennials may be a bit more optimistic than other generations, but it seems that they are also going to be less successful economically compared to their parents.

Smarter ways to earn money

It is not going to be a bleak world for millennials given the scenario above. They may feel disillusioned at times but they are quite optimistic. A lot have earned college degrees and some went on to do post-graduate courses. A Pew research says that 4 out of 10 millennials have a college degree.

It’s true that some may be underemployed while some may be considered overqualified for the job they seek. Still, there are many options open to them, given that they are tech-savvy, have plenty of online exposure and have the credibility to work online, using technology that they grew up with. Here are some ideas:

1. What is your expertise? Online tutoring is one sure way to earn extra cash, and the amount will depend on how many hours you can spare teaching someone online. You sign up with a site where professionals like you create a profile, listing your education, specialties and qualifications. You also choose how you can be contacted and upload a photo. You can set your rates and the hours you are

available. This is a fantastic way to earn. You share your expertise, you dictate your hours and earn more. Glassdoor research indicates that an online tutor in the U.S. can receive an average of $16.51/hour. It’s an incredible income option. Nationally, the minimum earning for a full time online tutor is $24,000 a month while the maximum is $40,000. Best of all, you do not have to get up early in the morning to brave rush hour traffic.

2. Amazon has different services wherein you can make money. You can promote apps, write an e-book, sell products or design shirts. Unleash your creative skills and earn more than what you’ll get sitting behind a desk in the office. There are several options waiting for you. Explore the site to learn more.

3. If you’re into fashion, interior decorating and home improvement, you can try to be a personal shopper. If you are deeply interested in this area and have a keen eye for details and what goes well together, try this option. It pays good money and satisfied clients would possibly refer you to friends.

4. Some websites pay you to write content for them. So if you like to write and you have plenty of ideas, sign up with some of the sites. There are sites that pay per word, while some share revenues. Others wait for clients to pay or use your article before you are paid. Article length varies.

More extra income options

Want to earn more? Here are a few other options that are quite exciting as well.

If you are currently employed, check with your company if they offer cash incentives for referring someone for an open position in your office. If your referral is employed, you definitely can receive anything from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars in referral fee. If your office does not have an incentive like that, you can search for other companies that do. You can also check other referral bonuses available from your dentist, eye care center, clinic, travel agent or professional development class.

You can also participate in research studies that pay around $20 an hour or $200 a day.

Freelancing is also an option. You can do some things that you like, maybe doing some graphic design work, pet sitting, resume writing or promoting events in your community.

You might have collected a lot of textbooks or things that you no longer use. Sell them online or onsite. It’s one way to de-clutter your place and earn some cash at the same time.

So you see if you are thinking that corporate life is not for you or you’re feeling stagnant, you can explore other options to earn good money. It’s up to you if you want to pursue online work full time or do it on the side.

Sheza Gary has been a Project Strategist since 2009 and has been involved in the launching of startups and tech companies in New York for over 5 years. She has keen interest in writing her own experiences about business plans and upcoming business supporting technologies. She loves public speaking.