Incorporate A Business This Summer

Did you know summer is the perfect season to incorporate a business? At first glance, it might seem like a better time to chill out and relax. After all, why focus on incorporating a business when you could head to the beach, grill burgers, and visit your local amusement park?

The summer season is actually the best time to incorporate a business for the following reasons.

  • While everyone else vacations, you’re prepping a business plan for your startup to get a leg up over the competition.
  • Plenty of time and energy has been invested in outlining details for your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Once you have incorporated, you can begin working alongside Hiller Enterprise, Inc. for in-depth tax consultations and implementing a recruitment process to hire for your small business.

What Makes Summer Ideal To Incorporate A Business?

You’ve thought about starting your own business for a long time. Internally, you feel like you’re ready to start your own company. Your inner entrepreneur has been pushing to make that next leap forward.

However, in spite of your entrepreneurial vision, starting your own business can still be scary. It’s a huge risk to take and make your dreams a reality. There’s no perfect time to start a small business, but summer can be a great season for startups. You’ve had the time to draft a detailed business plan and determine your stages for growth. If you use the summer to prep ahead by incorporating your business, you may open your doors for business as soon as late summer or early fall.

What Do I Need To Begin This Journey?

How do you know you’re ready for entrepreneurship? If you’ve addressed these aspects of business, then you’re ready to become a small business owner.

  • Your business has a vision, and a business model that has been evaluated in feasibility from an objective and critical standpoint.
  • The business plan for your startup has outlined who you are, what the business does and its industry, what makes it unique from competitors, its target audience, and revenue. This plan also includes information about the overall strategy and goals for the company.
  • A legal entity you know will be the right fit to incorporate or form an LLC.

You may still have additional questions, such as how much money should be put into the business, how incorporating impacts your tax returns, and how to hire a successful team. This is where Hiller Enterprise can step in to assist you.

Meet Michael Hiller, Founder Of Hiller Enterprise, Inc.

Michael Hiller created Hiller Enterprise, Inc. after running a 30-year established family owned and established CPA firm to assist millennials, young couples, and young entrepreneurs with starting a business and investing in their future.

Michael dedicated his corporation specifically for millennial growth. He saw the old school CPA firms were not understanding the needs of the next generation. Older firms were still pushing their methods. However, they were less open to new innovations and strategies. Michael also witnessed the current education system struggling to give its students any lessons on taxes, investing, and even advice for how to start a business.

Today, times have changed dramatically. Entrepreneurs that start small businesses risk liability if they do not understand what is necessary to stay in compliance. As a business owner, you also have an immense responsibility when it comes to having a great business management resource. 

What Does Hiller Enterprise Do For Small Business Owners?

At Hiller Enterprise, Inc., help is on the way. We aid small business owners with strategic business management resources that can help you obtain security for your company.

These resources include entity formation, payroll and bookkeeping services, 1099/1096 forms, and additional research and consulting services. Hiller Enterprise Inc. also provides small business owners with an in-depth tax consultation. We electronically file tax returns reviewed with our special computer software to identify potential benefits and problems with the IRS. This ensures you receive an even better tax rate.

Do You Need Extra Help?

Need more assistance? We also provide business owners with knowledge on how to identify and protect important records. At Hiller Enterprise, you’ll work alongside professionals to implement custom secure computer systems for your business. You will also learn how to create a recruitment process that develops a system to manage human resources.

Why Incorporate A Business Now?

Every entrepreneur comes to a point where they ask “What’s the next stage of growth?” for their business.

Ultimately, your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.  No one wants to invest significant time and money on their own only to have their dream come crumbling down. Start with a professional company that can help you obtain the facts, resources, and assistance you need. This will help you maintain ease and calmness about pursuing entrepreneurship.

Don’t spend your time questioning the what ifs or imagine how things can go wrong. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to do the work that is needed to see your business succeed. However, you should also be able to enjoy the summer months. Don’t dwell in a summer filled with questions and what ifs. We are here to help you and your business achieve the financial security and success you have been dreaming of as an entrepreneur.

About Hiller Enterprise, Inc.

At Hiller Enterprise we take pride in helping families meet their financial opportunity.

That is the vision Michael Hiller had in mind when he started the company. Coming from a 30 year old family run accounting firm, Hiller & Hiller C.P.A, Mr. Hiller has seen immense financial possibilities families can obtain when the right opportunity and help is given.

Hiller Enterprise brings unique financial opportunities to families, entrepreneurs, real estate investors and individuals. Providing personal, one on one guidance to help establish a secure financial future.

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