1. One of the things that greatly complicates the DBA filing process is the publication requirement. Each state has different requirements for publication and what type of newspaper to place the notice. Also, some states require publication, while other states don’t. A few of the states that require publication include: California, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania. In each of the states requiring publication the time that the notice must run varies greatly, for example, in California publication must run for 4 weeks, but in Nebraska it only needs to run for 1 week. If this wasn’t confusing enough, the consequences of failing to publish in a timely manner can be costly. For example, DBAs are void in California if not published within 30 days from filing, which means they must be filed again. This is one of the great advantages of using a filing service like MyCorporation – they know where and when to publish notices and how to go about the whole process. Not to mention they have relationships with newspapers and walk in services that can make the process run more quickly and efficiently.

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