One of the most powerful, yet ignored, weapons in any businesses’ marketing arsenal is their business card. The business card is more than just a piece of paper with a company’s logo and a person’s contact details. Business cards are now considered a critical contact point of companies to the world.

Today, most companies consider their business card a marketing tool. The card is an advertisement that communicates not just their employee’s contact details, but also the overall image of the business. An artistic, glossy card, for example, would give an impression of a company that values individuality and creativity. Traditional, conservative-looking business cards scream an old traditional corporate atmosphere. In business people do not judge a book by its cover; they judge a company by its business card. Broadcasting such a large amount of information about your business on such a small platform makes the card important for business of all sizes. Utilizing this tiny tool will enhance your business’s networking strategy in many ways.

Business cards serve as great ice breakers. The exchange of business cards with potential customers is a painless method for breaking the ice in new relationships. Your business card divulges what you are selling. It should be made perfectly clear on the card what you have to offer. Often, a company name by itself does not accomplish this fundamental mission. However, a descriptive catchphrase on a business card can effectively do the trick.

Your business card is a treasure trove of contact information. Multiple ways to contact you are recommended, including phone number, cell phone number, email, and a physical address. Since your business card often makes that all-important first impression, it is essential that your card is effective, informative and impressive. Avoid the mundane. While the information on business cards is fundamental, their appearance is paramount. Stock, design, and ink colors all matter. In every kind of business undertaking, you want to stand out from the pack and give yourself an edge. Start with your business card.

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