MyCorporation has so many Awesome companies that we are Affiliated with. In our field of company assistance, we have the pleasure of watching all of our affiliates blossom into the companies we know they can be. In this segment of Awesome Affiliates, (a new social networking site) managed by Kevin Sasser, will be highlighted.

Sum up the function of is a commercial networking site designed specifically to enable businesses to promote their products and services, find new customers, and build a professional network. In short, is a platform that enables small to mid-sized businesses make money, save money, and find money.

What sets this social network apart from Linkedin and what does it have to offer that LinkedIn does not?

Our business profile enables our subscribers to build a base of followers, create and distribute deals, and partner with other businesses and engage cross-promotional activities within the system, all for free. While we admire LinkedIn, you will find that they are more focused on the needs of the individual, particularly around recruitment and finding jobs.

Explain how offering deals in the marketplace works and how businesses can spread the word of their deals to other members of, including people they may not be friends with.

Within, new subscribers typically start to find and use deals either via a search for “business incorporation” for example or by perusing our Vendor Marketplace. As subscribers discover companies with whom they are affiliated, such as MyCorporation, they can choose to “Follow” them and receive news, updates, and deals. When a subscriber follows a business, their contacts are notified via a status update such as “Kevin is now following MyCorporation.”
As a follower, Kevin will automatically receive any deals that MyCorporation chooses to distribute. This includes any deals from MyCorporation’s partners as well. For example, if MyCorporation partnered with an accounting solution provider, as a benefit of following MyCorporation, Kevin would receive a deal on an accounting solution. The followers of MyCorporation also become the “currency” for
MyCorporation to establish recommendation partnerships within the community.

We have also engaged with marketing partners that market the marketplace services to their customers as an added value of the relationship that already exists between their company and their end user commercial customer. These channel partners also promote, “find new customers in” through their self enrollment to sell their services in our ecosystem as well as through partnerships.

Do you have plans to start up a blog for

Today, we have a content area named “Business Advice” that serves double duty as our blog. Very soon, we have a new design that blends our Q&A forum and Advice that will enable our subscribers to have the ability to post their own content and start discussions around that content.

How does “the grid” work? If you update your profile, you will have to pay a bit more for it. What do you offer as incentives for members who decide to get a profile for a price?

For those who want to market their services to the entire community, subscribers have the option to upgrade their profile to national status which gives them premium placement in search results and access to the product grids in the Vendor Marketplace. The grids are like other traditional internet marketing channels in that the subscriber can control their position and longevity in the grid by adjusting their bid price for clicks and monthly budget. Participation for vendors is self promoted.

What is your long-term plan for What features in the future do you plan to unveil for the site?

When determining our feature set, we ask “What problems can we solve for our subscribers?” Recently the biggest problem facing small business is access to capital. We addressed that with the Financial Exchange, which matches businesses with the most productive source of capital. Moving forward our feature set will be intended to enhance the ability of a small business to cost-effectively promote themselves to a target audience, to make better purchasing decisions, and to help members find partners that recommend the services of each other to help grow their businesses.