The entrepreneurial family tree is much more diverse than you think. Like most family trees, the branches are wide and the extended family on the entrepreneur side includes many variations off of the main patriarch in question. Much of this tree keeps growing and new terminology is added consistently. Yet the root of the tree is much like the ideal 1950’s family prototype- containing the parents (entrepreneur and mompreneur) and 2.5 kids (solopreneur, intrapreneur, and kidpreneur, respectively). Here are the 5 popular terms cropping up in entrepreneurial family trees all over and what their roles do to enhance and expand the family name.

1) The Entrepreneur

The patriarch and the head honcho of the tree, the entrepreneur is quite simply the one who created and assumes full working responsibility for a business venture. Much like a marriage, entrepreneurs are in it with their business for better or for worse. They create the business plans, handle the operations behind the scenes of the business, and continue to contribute new ideas and methods to make the business run smoother and better.

Entrepreneurs have many relatives on the family tree, all variations on entrepreneurs. Some of these include:

the idealist– the most creative who enjoys pursuing projects that are different and meaningful to their lives. They tend to be artistic and offer a unique perspective.

the optimizer– is most happy just being a business owner. They’re pretty mellow, but still in tune with the needs of the customer and giving their clients what they need.

the hard workers– live up to their name by investing hours to establish a business that will become a multi-million dollar success. They are the workaholics of the tree and are constantly looking for ways to make a business go from good to great.

the jugglers– have their hands in a million projects at once and know how to handle a heavy work load. They thrive on this and can’t imagine being without responsibilities in the business.

2) The Mompreneur

The matriarch of the tree, both a mother and an entrepreneur, she runs the home and the business and has found the fine balance in between. Mompreneurs prove it is possible to shun the corporate traditional workplace in favor of working and having it all without sacrificing anything.

3) The Solopreneur

Defined as the independent professional, solopreneurs are the independent family members that create a business that is simply consisting of a one-man operation. Entrepreneurs build companies with brands that are meant to stand the test of time, with or without them present. Solopreneurs have a limited shelf life on their company and build a brand that is much more personal. They’re perfectly fine being without locations worldwide or millions, so long as they are content.

4) The Intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs may look as though they’re rebelling against the family tree by working for big corporate offices, but look again. Intrapreneurs think and act as entrepreneurs within the corporate environment. They will even go so far as to develop their own product or assume the role of manager within the company.

5) The Kidpreneur

The baby of the family, a kid with all of the same characteristics as an entrepreneur. They’ve got a dream, and they’re going to make it come true. They might have to wait on their dreams a little bit while growing up and going to school, but these kidpreneurs know what they want early on in life and aim to make that want turn into a business.