We’re mixing it up a little bit here at MyCorp and featuring an Awesome Affiliate for Thursday instead of our trusty Wednesday standby- today is all about our good friends at SalesGuard. SalesGuard specializes in providing cash coverage and protection for all of your business-related needs without an upfront cost or monthly premium involved (but an expense is incurred if used).

They’ve got tips you need on why being prepared in advance is beneficial to both you and your business. No matter what season you’re in, SalesGuard will help you to “weather” the storm and protect your start-up, read on!

Owning a business can be both challenging and rewarding, but survival is based on profitability and positive cash flow. Having access to cash is an absolute necessity to deal with an emergency or generate additional revenue.

Most business owners can’t afford to wait for banks, which require large amounts of paperwork, financials, tax returns, personal guarantee, collateral and excellent credit (83% of all small business loan applicants have been declined in 2011) Being prepared is the difference between staying in business or closing your doors.

Natural Disaster Preparedness Is Essential
At the end of August, Hurricane Irene struck the entire east coast. The projected devastation and loss of business and revenue sent chills all the way to the White House. As the storm came and went there was tremendous relief that it was not as devastating as it had been expected. The next concern was the flooding that can be equally if not more devastating than the Hurricane itself. The hurricane and flooding combined, stranded towns, made roads impassable, flooded streets, and caused damage to homes and businesses. Most businesses had adequate insurance to cover the damages but lacked the resources to cover their deductible. The revenue lost by businesses being closed makes it even more difficult to survive during any economic time. Unfortunately, the insurance companies don’t pay your bills, your rent or your employees. Their job is to provide businesses with necessary coverage to recover from the natural disaster. Without immediate and ongoing access to cash, insurance alone is not enough to weather the storm.

The Holiday Season Brings Joy, Laughter, and Sales
As October rapidly approaches, many business owners are terrified that they will not have adequate inventory and advertising to generate and support the increase in sales. Buying for the holiday season begins as early as August for those businesses that purchase products overseas or have extended lead times; otherwise, the beginning of October is the official start of the holiday buying season. Making purchasing and marketing commitments after a slow month or quarter is extremely challenging but necessary to ensure a successful holiday season. Consumers will be buying and will spend their money with businesses that have inventory and appealing offers. That’s why every business owner must have immediate and ongoing access to cash.

Until cash flow insurance is available, SalesGuard provides immediate and ongoing access to cash when you need it. Nobody wants to be caught without coverage, so why not protect your business with SalesGuard! There is no cost or obligation and you only incur an expense when and if you ever use it.

SalesGuard is your immediate and ongoing access to cash, just like a line of credit up to $250,000.00 per month. SalesGuard approves 95% of businesses that accept payment at the time of product or service delivery. Internet and Home Based businesses do not qualify. Having SalesGuard means businesses as usual… so don’t worry, we got you covered. Visit our official website or call (888) 838-1717 for more information.

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