Bosses. Everyone’s had one, if not more. Finding effective ways to communicate with your boss is paramount regardless of what industry you are in.  Of course, not everyone loves their boss, thus making communication difficult. Thankfully, we here at MyCorp are led by a pretty awesome team. However, we know not everyone can be as lucky as are. So what are the most effective ways to communicate with your boss? Why does it even matter?

First of all, open lines of communication are essential to any successful business. Think of communication as water in a pipe line, if not water is flowing there is bound to be a buildup. This buildup will eventually burst causing severe damage. Let that water flow! It may sound easier said than done, however keep in mind the following tips and you should be smooth sailing.

Be Professional. Even if your boss is a close friend, remember that you are in an office and certain rules apply. Professionalism is a must! Your boss is your boss for a reason. Regardless if you like it or not, being polite and polished is always a good idea. Even if the topic of conversation is not work related, such as weekend plans, the same rule of courtesy should apply. Present yourself in a thought out, polite manner regardless of the situation.

Be Honest. We all know that time is money. When talking to your boss, make sure to keep that phrase in mind. Make the conversation to the point and concise. Embellishing, sugar coating and rambling are all in direct opposition to using your time wisely. When you talk to your boss, be honest, be direct and straight forward. Cut to the chase! Addressing issues head on will allow both you and your boss to discuss the issue, find a course of action and proceed easily and in a time effective manner.

Take a Step Back. Remember in 1st grade when Sam pinched you and you chased after him so that you could pinch him back? Let’s take a lesson from the playground, instant retaliation, or perceived gratification, is not always the best step. Take a moment to step back. What really is the issue here? Do I really need to take this to my boss, or can I resolve the problem on my own. Are there others that I could talk to in order to figure out the situation? Take some time to consider what you are bringing to your boss and ask yourself whether or not the course of action you have chosen is the right one.

Find Your Inner “Gumby.” When you think Gumby, what do you think about? Flexibility right?! Finding your inner Gumby means being flexible. Understand that your boss is busy and you can’t always have the conversation you want to have exactly when you want to have it. In fact, some things may never reach your boss. This idea falls in line with the mantra, pick your battles. Work with your boss. He or she will appreciate your patience and flexibility, and, in turn, will respect you more for it.

Whether you have the greatest boss in the world or your boss asks you to come in on Saturday to finish your TPS reports (hey hey Office Space), keep the above tips in mind. Forming open and functional lines of communication will ensure stability and smoothness in your workplace. Happy chatting!