We’re a pretty close knit bunch here at MyCorp. Everybody knows everyone pretty well and gets along. But our team is also pretty small and since we aren’t a large corporation, sometimes a couple of us wonder what our lives within a more global company might be like…

There are two different first impressions that come to mind. The first is Google headquarters based. Picture bright colors, ping pong tables, free food and drinks, and flip flops. Laidback and interactive while still getting the job done. The other comes from the film Office Space. Hours of sitting in traffic, hours of sitting in a cubicle, a copy machine that doesn’t work, and a mountain of pointless “TPS reports.” The worst case scenario, as we all voted and agreed on.

Since we’d rather not to think about our attraction to the red Swingline, we’re gonna focus on our dream perks that employers (especially startup business and tech companies) offer to draw in top talent.

On the Clock Research Time

Some companies, notably Google and 3M, allow employees to use 10% or more of their time to do your research on a project that interests them. Granted, it must relate to something about the company, but this is a great way to bring R&D to the every aspect of the company.

Personal Dry Cleaners

Instead of passing 10+ dry cleaners on their way to or from work, wouldn’t it be amazing to offer in-office pick up and drop off? With a discount included? We think so too!

Fitness Stipend

A membership at a gym can get pretty expensive and difficult to work your schedule around going to on a regular basis so why not include a fitness stipend as part of your employment package? Amenities like having clean towels and free classes may cost more, but they’ll help make it easier to start getting into shape after a long day at work.

Company sponsored stipends = easier to go, easier to stay healthier!

Schedule Flexibility

The personal circumstances of every employee are different so being able to schedule in an easier hourly time frame is like tailored clothing; it makes your job the perfect fit for YOU!

Health care perks

This one can take on many forms with anything from unlimited sick days to in-office massages to better than usual insurance coverage included. Since your health is something you don’t really think about until you don’t have it, these perks are essential to have in place before it actually happens. Even better if they help keep you from getting sick too!

Does your company offer any of these perks? What do you wish they offered? Let us know in the comments below!