For the fourth week of MyCorp ABCs, the letter D gets a spotlight. The term of focus: DBA!

DBA stands for ‘doing business as,’ but the term has also donned the names ‘fictitious business name’ and ‘assumed name.’ A DBA is an official registration of your business name. You would go about filing for a DBA application if your business conducts any business and/or collects money under any name or title that isn’t your own name. DBAs aren’t just for sole proprietors; if you own a Corporation or LLC and want to do business under a name different than your corporate name, you’d have to file for a DBA. Additionally, if you’re plan on opening a business bank account, you’ll need to register for a DBA as a general requirement from the bank.

One of the biggest benefits of filing for a DBA is the professionalism gained. With a DBA, an owner can now collect checks and payments under their business name, not their personal name. With this new declaration of your official business name, you can start advertising with a real business name. You’ll also discourage others from registering with your name by officially utilizing your DBA, thereby protecting your brand.

Are you on the lookout for some DBA assistance? Our business filing experts can help you save time by filing a DBA application for you. We file your DBA with the required government agencies, and even publish it in most states! You’ll also receive the approval and publication certificate for your records.

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