Cold calls are a difficult part of any job, and if this is what you do full time, it can be a disheartening fact that the majority listening in on the other line just aren’t interested in what you are selling.

This may not have much to do with your own personal sales skill set, but there are also a few ways how you can make improvements to your selling ratio with a simple attitude change. Working full time in this field means you could make up to 100 calls in a day and it’s rare that all of these calls will be as enthusiastic or receive your full attention. It’s easier to be chipper and upbeat with your first call of the day, than with the call you make five minutes before the end of the workday.

If you’re speaking from a script repetition and boredom can quickly develop, but it’s important that any frustration you feel does not get geared towards your potential customers.

So what’s the secret to changing this pattern? You are the answer. It’s all about staying positive, which admittedly is a difficult task in a sometimes negative environment. But you can re-train yourself mentally into dealing with sales defeats differently. This can make your future calls much more promising and your workday more fulfilling.

Make a mental note of the following and notice your productivity increase:

Have a goal in mind. You may already be targeted for sales, but finding your own personal accomplishment can really give you additional drive. If there is no additional incentive, try something between your colleagues. Whoever lands the biggest sale gets lunch bought for them. Rewards always boost efficiency, as can a friendly work environment.

Remember that every ‘no’ gets you closer to a ‘yes’. It certainly won’t feel like it at the time, but if you’re paying attention (and staying positive!) you’ll soon figure out why your calls aren’t ending in sales. Acknowledging these reasons and implementing changes should make each call that bit closer to closing the deal.

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a break. Remember the first call of the day and how you approached it. You were enthusiastic and ready to go. After a mid-morning lull it’s easy to adopt a more lukewarm attitude, which won’t be as effective in engaging with your potential client. When this happens, take five minutes for some fresh area, and come back with the same fervour you had that morning.

Stand out from your competitors. You won’t feel so deflated if you are successful in your role. Keep up your lucky streak by being prepared, engaging and friendly. Never underestimate the power of a smile. Where the body leads, emotions follow and if you smile, your voice will naturally sound happier. Give them a good reason, apart from your services, to speak to you.

Get personal. Sometimes it’s difficult to steer away from your assigned script, but talking more naturally can make your conversation feel less like a sales pitch. If there are notes on an account, use them! Making your recipient feel like a person and not just another name on a list can do wonders for their feelings towards you calling them out of the blue, as increase the likelihood that they will use your business.

Guest post written by Bev James from The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training organization for coaching.