Meet Joe Witte, MyCorp blog readers, VP of Business Development at CentricSource. CentricSource provides programming and software engineering to small and mid-size businesses.

We got the chance to chat with Joe about what it is CentricSource does and why having programmers and software engineers on your side is best for your business!

MyCorp: Sum up what it is CentricSource does in a sentence or two.

Joe Witte: CentricSource provides remote programmers and software engineers to companies of all sizes (from tech startups to Fortune 500). We work closely with our clients receive a clear job description that they require for their remote employee, and then we conduct a thorough search to find the closest candidate. By providing a transparent and custom solution, we are able to build long term, collaborative relations with our clients.

MyCorp: How did CentricSource come about?

JW: I was a co-founder of an internet company, MycroBurst, which had our software engineers in an office we owned in SE Asia. Several friends and business colleagues were curious how they could leverage the resources we had invested in. After some consideration, we launched CentricSource which provides full time software engineers to our clients.

MyCorp: Why do you think there is a shortage of programmers and developers in the US?

JW: Programming doesn’t translate well from other sectors. For example, the person who worked on a manufacturing line in Detroit can’t quickly become a computer programmer without extensive training. Additionally, I believe that our education system doesn’t motivate students to enter the math and science sector. Most people don’t realize that a new college graduate with a computer science degree can earn up to $65k!

MyCorp: What are the benefits the overseas facility brings to the table?

JW: Naturally, cost is the greatest benefit. In today’s market, a Ruby on Rails developer may get paid $150/hr compared to $30/hr at CentricSource. But mind you, it’s not that we are taking jobs from the US, it’s that all the programmers are already gainfully employed and there is not enough talent here to fulfill the demand. As a result of cost, the additional benefits include talent diversification (having US based developers and developers in our office overseas), speed to market, minimizing insurance, tax and operational expenditures. Right now, almost every Fortune 500 company is investing in global talent in order to maximize their growth and profit margins. CentricSource gives companies of all sizes the opportunity to level the playing field.

MyCorp: What challenges are companies facing with managing balancing technology R&D and budgets in other areas?

JW: This is a significant challenge for all executives. Investing in structural software development is critical in order to measure data and improve efficiencies, but it can be expensive. In addition, investing in customer facing software is often critical in order to continue to gain market share. However, all of these require a heavy human investment. Typically, developing a 2 year road map for a company is ideal, while continually adjusting in order to meet the most pressing demands and challenges (i.e., grease the squeakiest wheel).

MyCorp: How do you suggest overcoming those challenges?

JW: I would always recommend investing in revenue generating solutions first and significant cost saving solutions second. Any solution that helps cash flow and your bottom line is the best place to start.

MyCorp: What’s been the best part of being the VP of Business Development at CentricSource?

JW: I really enjoy meeting executives and entrepreneurs and helping them consider growth challenges for their business. As a result, I often provide contacts and input in areas that are not related to IT staffing.  Helping others is always the most rewarding part of my career!