The holidays are here and hopefully you’ve used this time to reconnect with your customers!  One way many businesses are standing out during the holiday season is by holidizing.

If you’re unfamiliar, holidizing is when you add a bit of the holiday season into your brand’s designs.  Add a holiday touch it on your logo, company emails, website and more.  Holidizing your brand’s designs is a great way to distinguish your business and in turn, increase revenue.

Why holidize?

There are several ways you can utilize holidizing season and next.

  • Personalize your brand with a little holiday flair.  A holidized logo design can become the centerpiece of your online and offline marketing for the holiday season.  For a quick and inexpensive way to holidize your logo design, try
  • Engage your customers with your seasonal company designs.  Post on social media and send engaging emails about extended store hours, special events or limited offers.  Consider running a contest on social media to help increase this engagement. If you’re going to include a coupon, be sure it’s designed to fit your holiday theme. These small posts will help drive traffic and revenue directly to you!
  • Show your appreciation.  To go with the other holidized designs, create a custom greeting card. Your clients are the main reason your business is successful – why not thank them? It doesn’t take long to do and your clients will be thrilled to get a nice note in the mail.

What should I holidize?

The options are endless!  Here are a few ideas to get your holidizing started:

  • Your logo – this is a given!  Here’s an example of our avatars at MycroBurst before and after we added a bit of the holidays.
MycroBurst’s logo, before and after holidizing!
  • Advertisements and promotions– Holidized ads definitely stand out apart from any regular ad.  Here’s an example of Starbucks holiday drink ad.  The way they’ve arranged the drinks represents a tree, what do you think about it?

  • Email blasts – Revamping an email campaign is always refreshing.  During the holidays, it’s an easy way to increase email open rates.
  • Greeting cards – Revamp an old one or create a new, custom greeting card to send to your clients.  Think about including a special promotion for your clientele to redeem in the new year.
  • Even more options – Add some flair to your vehicle with a holidized car wrap or magnet.  As you can see, the choices are truly endless.

For many options, it’s too late in the season to holidize your business.  Next year you should begin designing around September and October, especially if you need to get something printed.  What do you do to revamp your company during the holidays?  I’d love to hear about it, tweet us @MycroBurst!

Jessica Kornfeind is the Internet Marketing Consultant at MycroBurst.  MycroBurst is based in Langhorne, PA and is an online marketplace for graphic design.  MycroBurst provides custom designs through crowdsourcing.  Follow Jessica & MycroBurst on Twitter, @JesKorn &@MycroBurst.