When tax return day arrives, many people may wonder if they could have received more money than what they actually were refunded. This leaves many people left wishing that they had taken the time to hire an accountant before their taxes were due, instead of filing them on their own. And although most of your tax return is self-explanatory and can be done on your own, there are still many things that can be missed out on.

Instead of going about it alone, it certainly pays to consider hiring an accountant to do your taxes. Some of the benefits to hiring an accountant to add a helping hand during tax season include:

  • Knowledge that taxes will be done properly. An accountant will know exactly which forms to prepare and will ensure that your taxes are properly filled in and processed. Just one small error or miscalculation on any form can have serious ramifications and accountants work to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • No potential issues later on down the road. From the very start, accountants can help to ensure your business, whether as a self-employed freelancer or the owner of a larger corporation, has everything set up properly. This will ensure that no unwanted surprises about misfiled work or incorrect tax claims show up later on.
  • Knowledge of new laws or changes in tax code. Accountants will also be up to date on any changes brought about by new government laws or regulations. Not only that, but they will be able to determine the best path for you to proceed for your own specific business needs.
  • Money savers. Even though you have to pay for an accountant to do your taxes, it will be more than worth it. Often times, accountants will know about specific deductions or things that you might be able to claim on your taxes that end up saving money in the long run that you didn’t even know about yourself!

While no one likes to think about tax season before they really have to, having an accountant on staff for your business, or hiring a contract accountant specifically for your taxes is something that really must be done. As demonstrated above, it will save you quite a bit of time and energy, and more often than not, will save you money down the road as well.

This post has been provided by Nixon Williams, a leading UK accounting company. To find out more about the services that Nixon Williams offers, such as contract accountants and information on IR35, please visit their website.