In the midst of tax season, it’s easy for some aspects of your small business to take a back seat. Since it’s important not to lose focus, sometimes the best solution is to utilize the convenience of social media.

Here are three simple ways social media can help during tax season:

1) Schedule Content in Advance

Although most experts indicate that real-time posts are the most effective means of engagement via social media, there is no harm in scheduling content from time to time to stay connected to your customers.

Free tools such as TweetDeck will allow you to write posts for future publishing and enter the precise moment when you want them to go live.

If you already subscribe to any paid tools for social media, most of them also include this functionality, so be sure to investigate that possibility as well.

2) Keep an Eye on Key Updates

As a business owner, you naturally want to stay abreast of any tax tips tailored specifically to your purposes. A great place to see a comprehensive list of new tax-related stories is on the popular tech and news site, Mashable. This group, known for their social media savvy stories, has a category dedicated to tax articles.

3) Ask the Experts

There are a bevy of thought leaders who regularly contribute via social media platforms and may be able to offer you personalized advice. For example, there are open LinkedIn groups that offer answers to common business tax questions, and hashtags such as #taxtips that offer free help on Twitter.

Just remember to breathe and digest all of the information one day at a time. During tax season—and beyond—social media allows for faster responses, more outlets for help and increased online activity for the business in your absence.

Tassoula E. Kokkoris is the social media manager at Guidant Financial. She is published in The World According to Twitter, and has contributed to several publications including the Digital Solutions Blog and She tweets for Guidant via this handle: @guidant.