Today is International Women’s Day – an event that, over the decades, has grown to be a day of empowerment for women all around the world. As gender equality continually keeps extending from the home to the workplace, it is important to support these young women who have been told that they can do anything that they put their minds to. That support is something our CEO Deborah Sweeney is very passionate about:

“As a mother and a business owner, I have met and grappled with the very same challenges that many women face everyday when attempting to balance their family and their career. Historically, women have not had many role models to show them that this type of balance was even possible – the stereotype was either of the business-driven woman who was too busy for dating or a family, or the contrite housewife. Happily times have changed, and both men and women have shown that it is more than possible to successfully run a business while building, and spending time with, their family. As the next generation of business leaders begins to form and come into its own, those of us who have experience striking a healthy balance between our life at work and our life at home need to give back and help show that young women do not need to choose between having a family and a career. If we make the effort to share our successes, and our hardships, tomorrow’s business leaders will be fully capable of continuing our legacy and moving the gender equality movement forward.”

MyCorporation is proud to help men and women all across the United States begin their own businesses, and wishes everyone reading a very fruitful and empowering International Women’s Day.