Nobody likes going to work in a bare office with white walls, formal cubicles, and no hint of refreshing or energizing colors in sight. Some people decorate their desks, but desk decorations can’t convey an overall atmosphere of productivity or positivity throughout the entire office. When you’re renovating or buying an office, you need to be able to consider the importance of interior design.

There are many advantages to focusing on interior design when you design an office. You will create a productive, efficient atmosphere and help keep employee morale up. You want your office to be the kind of place people look forward to going on Monday morning, after all.

All businesses rely on employee output.

Did you know that employees are affected by their environment more than you think? It’s easy to think of each person working in their own little bubble in a cubicle or at a desk, but the overall design of a space affects each person’s output and morale. Think about the last time you tried to get work done in a drab, whitewashed space and how much more creative you feel in bright, open, colorful spaces.  An independent study has found that whit or off- white business environments produced a 25% or higher drop in human efficiency[1] as opposed to colorful environments. This has also been corroborated by a US Navy Study.

Not all interior design is expensive.

Just because you want to devote part of your renovation budget to interior design doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. Not all interior design renovations and decorations need to be expensive. Even inexpensive changes such as different paint or carpet choices can make your office far more attractive. The right interior design company can help you find options that are less expensive than you would have otherwise spent.

Make a good impression on your guests.

Whether you’re hosting clients, partners in business, potential employees, or international sales managers, you need to make a good impression on people who visit your headquarters. When you have a well-designed space that feels fresh, bright, and inspirational, your company will stick with people and leave a better impression. The kind of office décor you have reflects your company’s values, mission, and corporate image.

You can be sustainable and help the environment.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your business, why not make your office a good start on environmental sustainability? Making different choices when it comes to carpet (sustainable carpet tiles, for instance) or paint (a color with a non-toxic formula) can make your business far more sustainable and help you offset other environmentally damaging necessities when it comes to paper usage, for instance.

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of making your office an enjoyable, pleasant place to work, you don’t need to do it all yourself. A good office design company can help you bring your office back to life and boost your employees’ good feelings about the company, make a better impression on clients, be sustainable, and still save money. Make sure your office reflects the message you want your business to convey!

Victoria Crawcour is a longtime office assistant who likes to dabble in office design. An avid blogger, she shares her insights on various blog sites on the Web. Visit this web page to learn how the Desk Centre provides office refits, as well as full refurbishments for commercial and corporate clients, with over 25 years experience.


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