Happiness and Your Small BusinessIt’s always been true, that if you love what you are doing, then it will continue on and your love will just grow. A business is the same thing. When you can do something for hours on end and not even realize that time has passed, you have found that one special thing you should be doing. If you can make it pay an income, you’ve found your very own nirvana.

Why you should be happy in what you do

Life speeds by really slowly when we are growing up. Can you hear yourself say, “When I turn 14, I can get my learner’s permit to drive.” “When I turn 18 I can’t wait to find my own place.” And then just as suddenly, “I can’t wait until the grandkids come to visit. It’s been so long.”

It starts out slow and slips by quickly. At the bat of an eye, your adulthood is half over. This is what makes the issue of loving what you do in life so important. Find the niche that works for you. Adapt to something that can make daily activity passionate. Glorify anything that makes you smile, but the whole time you are doing it, make certain that you love doing it. If it’s no fun anymore, find something that is.

If your heart doesn’t beat faster and your breath doesn’t come quick as you approach your job, then the whole adventure has gone out of it.

Starting your own business

America is founded on small businesses. Whether it’s a mom and pop organization or the cousin up the street that opened a restaurant, it’s founded on dreams and desires. They don’t get up every morning to make the donuts unless they love to. They went into it with their eyes wide open and their hearts pounding. It was a dream they conceived and a plan to resurrect that dream to life that worked. They go to bed tired and satisfied, because tomorrow is another day and they get to do it again. They love what they are doing and the passion makes it so much fun for them that they couldn’t dream of doing anything else.

“The tough get going”

Of course there are days that are difficult. There are days where a small business owner would rather sit under a bridge and pout because not everything is aligning for the business as it should be. Those are the kind of days that make a business owner even more determined to get things to work. Those are the days that make them mad, and they prepare for what is to come. They built the business, and now they will hold onto it. How dare the negative nellies rain on their parade! But some days are like that – and that’s where the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” is never more applicable or true to life to motivate the business owner.

Enjoy the ride!

As far as we know, we only get to ride this merry-go-round once. The point is, since we make money to pay for what we desire, find a way to enjoy the trip. Laughter cures many things that ail you. Find a way to smile, laugh, and enjoy. With ingredients like that, you will never fail at any business that you decide is for you.

About the Author:

Blair ThomasHi, I’m Blair Thomas the Co-founder of emerchantbroker.com, the #1 High Risk Credit Card processing company in the US.  I have 10+ years of experience in the electronic payments industry, managing several successful agent offices and registered ISO’s. I work hard during the day and spend my nights and weekends developing my music career as a singer songwriter signed to David Faustino’s label Old Scratch Records.