5 Ways to Generate Buzz and New Customers for Your BusinessWithin any type of marketing, the goal is to stand out from the competition. The hard part is when every industry in the business begins using the same tactics and mediums to communicate their message. Rather than falling into the trap of duplicating everything that your competitors do, why not try something new, to really show your audience what your company is about? It may not be as difficult as you think to do.

When you begin looking at all of your surroundings as a potential canvas for getting the word out about your business, the potential of doing something that stands out increases exponentially. You can get the word out about your business while doing things that improve the morale of the community, and the look of your neighborhood.

You need to create the type of message that people will remember long after they walk away or put it down. It needs to be something that resonates and makes them remember you for a long time to come. Here are five out of the box ideas to generate buzz for your business – with many of these ideas it’s highly unlikely your competition won’t be implementing them.

  1. Drop Some Cash – Before you come to your own conclusions on this item, consider it may be cheaper to do than a major television or print ad. The founders of a brand new site entered a busy intersection and dropped roughly $1,000 in dollar bills, with his website printed on the dollars. The publicity was cheaper than most ads, and the site’s information is passed on to anyone who spends that dollar bill. Not a bad way to promote your business!
  2. Sponsor A Local High SchoolThis is a great way to scrounge up some local community visibility. You can get your business name printed on a banner and some recognition. This is great for a business that is depending the local community for sales and growth.
  3. Spruce Up The NeighborhoodIf you have vacant locations in a nearby neighborhood you can always approach the landlord and hire an artist to help you spread your message. Some colorful artwork with your message and contact info may be what it takes to draw someone’s attention in a busy, urban environment. It’ll also add a little life to a neighborhood where there’s otherwise a vacancy.
  4. Guerilla AdvertisingWhen it comes to advertising, you’ll need to do everything you can to stand out. Check out some of these great ads with unconventional ways of driving their point home.
  5. Reverse Graffiti – That’s right. Graffiti’s got a negative connotation, but reverse graffiti would technically be good for the environment. It involves using detergent and a wire brush on a dirty urban surface to place your message. Here are some excellent and artistic reverse graffiti examples.

Matthew Brennan is a marketing writer for NimlokTradeShowDisplays.com based in the Chicago area. He regularly writes about content marketing, blogging, and engaging with your audience. He has been published on ProBlogger, Soshable, and Business2Community. Connect with Matthew on Twitter or Google+