Everything You Need to Know About Running a Business Can Be Learned From Your CatThere are roughly 95 million cats in the United States that are currently allowing their owners to think they’re in charge.  That’s because they’re smart – really smart. As entrepreneurs, we could learn from their innate savviness.

There’s a reason the Egyptians worshiped the feline, and the most ordinary domestic cat can still get what he or she wants using some Cleopatra-inspired shrewdness. Today, we’re going to consider five of the ways our furry little friends can help us get a leg up in business and make some “scratch.”

#1:  Cats Are Incredibly Independent.

If you’ve ever tried to get a cat to change its mind about anything, you know you’re debating with the wrong species.  Cats do what they want, and woe to the human who stands in the way!  As the owner of a company, you should likewise operate full-steam ahead and avoid distractions by toxic friends or family members who want to steal your thunder or excitement.  The more focused you are on your end goal, the better the chances you’ll reach it.

#2:  Cats Are Well-Groomed.

Cats clean themselves regularly so their coats stay nice and shiny.  Too bad more entrepreneurs don’t take such pride in their appearance!  It’s shocking to see how many people who claim they want to be taken seriously by clients don’t even bother to run a comb through their hair before heading to a business call.  Remember, you don’t have to look like you’re ready for your close-up, but you should always be conscious of the message your appearance is sending.

#3:  Cats Are Observant.

Finally, let’s never forget that cats are incredibly observant and meticulous creatures that do nothing without examining the landscape.  If they were to be turned into entrepreneur form, and were investigating the cost of a website, they would leave no stone unturned.  Chances are good that they’d make the right decisions, because they wouldn’t allow emotion to get in their way.

#4:  Cats Are Persistent.

Have you ever tried to ignore the protestations of a hungry feline?  If so, you realize just how hard it is to overlook their constant prodding.  In the end, you probably wound up giving in and feeding your kitty cat, if only to stop it from yowling.

Entrepreneurs can use this skill, too, albeit on a less annoying level.  For instance, many entrepreneurs need to be more assertive when it comes to making sales calls, follow-up calls and even collections calls.  It’s all about being heard.  The squeaky mouse… er, wheel… gets the grease, after all.

#5:  Cats Are Affectionate, but on Their Own Terms.

Cats can be the most loving creatures on the planet, but everyone knows that it’s on their terms.  Business people would be wise to treat their customers with the same limited affection.  Too many start-ups are held hostage by clients who demand more and more time and energy.  By creating boundaries early in the relationship, entrepreneurs can take charge and open the door for more productivity and wider profit margins.

The next time you find yourself floundering and wondering how to proceed, ask yourself what a cat would do. You might just unlock the secret that will help you claw your way to the top of your industry!

Scott Huntington is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington