Trending Summer Businesses

Can you believe it’s already July? We can’t! 2024 is flying by and we’re taking a look at some of the top businesses that are trending as we’re about halfway through the summer.

So why might you want to start a business in the summer? People are on vacation, homes need to be taken care of, tourists are looking to spend money, and those in your community might be more inclined to hand over their wallets as they look to keep their kids happy while they’re out of school.

  • Seasonal businesses fill a specific need and can be highly profitable.
  • It’s easy to hire additional help, especially college and high school students looking for extra income.
  • More people are looking to spend money on non-essentials.
  • People on vacation need their homes taken care of and pets watched.

For any of these business ideas, you’ll want to make sure to file for your LLC with MyCorporation to legitimize your business and protect yourself from liability. Whether you’re looking to pick up a summer business or you’re game planning for next year to see what business you should start then, here are a couple ideas to get you started!

Pool Cleaning

Everyone is in full swing for the summer, and backyard pools don’t clean themselves. The convenience of having a backyard pool is sometimes offset by the significant upkeep required to make sure they stay clean. Depending on the state you live in, you’ll want to make sure that you get any certifications or licenses required in addition to forming your LLC.

The key to cleaning pools is in distributing pool cleaning chemicals in the right amounts so it kills off any bacteria or contaminants without being harmful to the pool owner’s skin. You’ll need to invest in pool cleaning equipment, get business insurance (always a good idea in case something happens on one of your projects), get your marketing together (website, social media, flyers), and start building relationships to get your business off the ground.

Home & Office Cleaning

When everyone’s on vacation, people have time to declutter their home and office spaces and bring in outside cleaning help when needed. If you have a skill for cleaning or have done cleaning projects in the past, this can be a great way to make money doing something a lot of people don’t want to do for themselves. First you’ll want to determine what focus you’ll have for your cleaning business. The equipment used for home projects is very different both in size and cost for commercial vs. residential projects.

Find a specific type of cleaning that you’re really good at and market that. There are a lot of generic cleaning companies out there. Being known for what you’re best will help set you apart and get more business long term. After you file for your LLC with MyCorporation, it’s time to budget for your equipment, cleaning supplies to start with, and start building contacts with people in your specific niche, whether that be commercial or residential.

Lawn Care

With lots of people spending more time outside and less rain happening in most parts of the country, a lot of homeowners and commercial property owners look to tackle outdoor projects they might have ignored or put off the rest of the year. If you have experience mowing lawns and have connections with local neighborhoods or groups, this can be a great way for you to make some extra money or hire employees to scale your business if you see the demand.

Much like with any other business, you’ll want to pick a specialty, whether that’s the type of home that you service or if it’s an additional offering that sets you apart from the competition. Maybe you also offer flower bed and gardening/planting work that’s more hands on. Or maybe you also provide basic landscaping services and can help your clients plan out where they want new plants and source them from local nurseries. Make sure you’re following all the steps of forming an LLC, getting your EIN, starting your business bank account, and looking into business insurance just like you would with the rest of these business ideas.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

There’s a rise in younger generations getting pets instead of starting families, and you can help them when they’re traveling for business or going around on vacation during the summer! Even veterinary clinics are getting in on the action by offering pet boarding services in addition to their regular vet check ups and product offerings. If you’re looking to start a pet sitting or dog walking business, you can either go the route of looking after a couple animals at a time at your own home, or if you see the need and have the profitability, you can look into leasing property to help you scale your operation. 

If you don’t have connections to start with, you can join an app like Rover or Wag! to get your first customers and dog sitting or walking appointments. If you already have connections and are looking to take it from being a side money hobby to something more stable, we’re ready to help you form your business officially and walk you through the steps you may not know about that you need to keep your business in good standing. 

Water Sport Rentals

If you live by a body of water like a lake or the ocean, renting out kayaks, canoes, and other water sport equipment can be a great way to take advantage of all the people getting out on the water. After officially forming your business, you’ll need to check for the required licenses and permits required by your state and get your first equipment. For paddle boards and kayaks, you can sometimes find inexpensive but good quality equipment at Costco or similar membership chains so you’re not breaking the bank with your first equipment investment.

Then you’ll want a system to track your rentals, figure out your pricing, find a location you can rent space at, and start marketing yourself online. Social media is a great way to bring attention to this kind of business since it’s very visual in nature and fits into what most people are looking for when they’re on social media: getaways and entertainment.

Personal Training & Sports Coaching

If you have experience in a particular sport, summer can be a great time for you to run training camps or have one-on-one sessions with student athletes and get them prepared for going back to school sports. You’ll want to pick the specific sport to market to, even if what you do may be more conditioning or strength related so you have a focus that is more likely to attract your first customers.

Especially since you’re dealing with students, make sure you talk to a business insurance agent to help you find the right policy in the event that one of your coaching clients gets injured or takes issue with the way you’re running your business.


While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the great business ideas to help you make seasonal money during the summer, hopefully this helps you kickstart your next great summer business idea and puts you in position to make more money during summers for years to come.

As always, if you have any questions or would like expert one-on-one support for starting your business, reach out to our team at MyCorporation!