Experts Weigh In: What Businesses Are You Starting in 2014?From secret supper clubs to the first all clean comedy club in the United States, we recently polled 52 brand new small business owners about the kinds of businesses they were starting in 2014, what makes their start-up so special, and where they plan on taking their company in its first year and beyond!

1. “My name is Corecia and my sister and I are starting a unique business of a secret supper club. The premise is to announce the dinners, open them to 10 couples and its first come, first served by invite only. We already have a growing mailing list and will launch on February 2nd. Shirley’s Diner is named after my grandmother who passed away from cancer 5 years ago on February 2nd. We will be featuring many of her recipes.”

Corecia Davis-Woo, Shirley’s Diner, @ShirleysDiner1

2. “I have recently started a new business in the speed countermeasure niche. This niche covers anything that can help you avoid getting a speeding ticket including smartphones, CB radios, radar detectors, scanners, and airplane detectors which we cover in our developing blog.”

– Chad Antill, Speed CounterMeasures 

3. “Leaving kids in stitches is not so bad if you’re at La Sewing Café! The ultimate fashion design and sewing cafe for kids located in Delray Beach, FL is turning heads across South Florida and also turning 1 year old this month! They say sewing is a dying art but it’s not true. At La Sewing Café, kids get to learn how to sew and bring their fashion designs to life. Who knows – the next Coco Chanel or Gianni Versace might be in the room making popular American Girl doll dresses and using old clothes to create new fashion finds!”

– Alicia Sanchez, La Sewing Café

4. “In November, a partner and I opened a center in Kansas City, MO to help people quit smoking. This program started in the UK over 20 years ago and is now making its way around the US. This business sparked my interest because my 67 year old father smoked for more than 50 years and quit with this innovative cold laser therapy. There is nothing like this in the Midwest and since we have such a high rate of smokers in this area (18% of the population), we decided to go for it. So far, we have treated about 25 people with an 80% success rate. The treatment is quick (45 minutes), painless and natural and best of all, there are NO side effects.

We also provide smoking cessation programs in local companies to help people become healthier on a bigger scale. By this fall, we will be adding a non-profit side to our business and going into high schools to treat teenage smokers as we are passionate about helping young people make better decisions concerning their health.”

– Stacy Searcy, Laser Therapy of Kansas City

5. “I just started the Self Employed King back in June to help service based and home based business owners grow. After owning 2 local franchises and a national online company, I saw the need to help small business owners experience growth with simple strategies. The experience has been tremendous and a great transition after selling my recent 2 businesses.”

– Mike Kawula, Self Employed King

6. “My business partner and I are starting Eat LBC, Long Beach Restaurant Week. Each participating restaurant will offer a three-course, prix-fixe menu with a few choices per course. Price points will be $26 for casual eateries and $38 for fine dining restaurants with optional wine pairings available at select restaurants for an additional charge. EAT LBC, Long Beach Restaurant Week, will take place March 30-April 5, 2014.”

– Elizabeth Borsting, Eat LBC

7. “Neatly tucked into a tennis ball-sized can, Can ‘N Ball is a new, outdoor tossing game for children and adults. Simple to use and easily portable, the game is designed for hours of fun in the backyard, on the beach or at the park, tailgate or campground. Can ‘N Ball was invented by John Murphy and I during our annual relaxation retreat at a Long Island, New York beach resort.

We were on the beach, looking for entertainment. There were two empty Pringles potato chips cans next to us, so we each grabbed one and used it to launch a small ball at one another. It worked so well and was so much fun that we decided to develop the game. Can ‘N Ball was the result!”

– Linda Parry, Esq., CAN ‘N BALL

8. “We started a new business based on our passion for chocolate and feeling that we had something that did not exist in the market already. It’s great for men and women who are gluten free and dairy free yet still love REAL hot chocolate. We offer Spooning Chocolate, the only hot chocolate for consenting adults that you can just put in water in a mug and it will be even better than if you added it to milk. We call it the Espresso of Hot Chocolate so you can have it with a meal, or as an afternoon delight. And this is not some kind of powder, but the real deal…. melted dark chocolate! Put a few disks in a cup of coffee and you will have a fabulous cafe mocha. We use some of the finest mix of beans you can imagine including the expensive flavorful Criollo. The beans are artfully aged and then slow roasted and blended in small batches using real vanilla, not an extract, to create richness and a complex range of flavors!”

– Craig Wolfe,

9. “My name is Sherry Blossom. I am a paramedic by day; beauty & lifestyle blogger and transcriptionist by night. My new business is called SPEAKEAZY: Transcription for the Modern Blogger. I offer transcription services to writers and bloggers aimed to help increase their content sharing and boost overall productivity. Clients record audio; I transcribe, proofread and edit audio into text; even including photos and hyperlinks. The client is then emailed the completed transcription that is ready to be published on their blog/online publication.”

– Sherry Blossom, SPEAKEAZY, Transcription for the Modern Blogger

10. “I started a business this year called Shobia. The idea is simple: it’s a Wikipedia for products. The goal to provide buying guides and information for pretty much anything you can think of. It makes money with product recommendations, separate from the user generated articles.”

– David Gurevich, Shobia 

11. “Swell Forever was launched in late 2013. We design and offer classic heirloom gifts with a unique personalized twist. I founded Swell Forever as a way to raise awareness for the needs of children waiting to be adopted. There are over 100,000 kids in the U.S. alone that are considered waiting children. My hope is that the brand will resonate with consumers who cherish someone and want to purchase a very special gift that will last a lifetime. The brand is a reminder that while so many people are loved and cherished, we have thousands of children in our country who also need someone like that in their life and we can do something about it. All of our heirloom gifts are made in USA and include a contribution to the Swell Forever Adoption Fund to help families who are willing to provide homes for children in foster care.”

– Brooke Henze, Swell Forever

12. “I have just launched a new tech start up – Mass Mobile Apps. We have developed an Apple iOS and Android platform that is a totally customizable loyalty app with built-in marketing tools. I have been in the retail clothing business for many years and 12 months ago was thinking about creating a loyalty program for my stores. After looking at my own wallet, I realized that I did not want to have a program that used plastic cards and wanted to create something smartphone compatible. I got in touch with a tech company in India, and had them build the platform. We have been live for the last 3 months in my own stores, and have just recently launched two other apps for customers. In the process of promoting the corporation, we have started to build another platform that should be ready in the second quarter of 2014.”

– Ali Ispahany, Mass Mobile Apps

13. “For the past several years my husband and his business partner has been working on a product called the Ripple (the world’s only attachable bowl and plate). We wanted to design a bowl/ plate that would allow people to eat anywhere comfortably, thus our tagline “eat-mingle-move.” Last spring we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed us to offset the cost of our mold. In December, we launched our product and are currently working hard to get it in front of the masses!”

– Leslie Scharfe, Warum Studios, The Ripple

14. “ is flower shopping for men. Sign up, enter your payment information, and tell us the days you need to send flowers to someone special. And every year on that date – they’ll get flowers from a 90 year old flower shop in Des Moines, Iowa who expertly designs and fulfills all our orders.

Launched in January 2014, our inspiration came from being lazy husbands that want to get our wives flowers on those special days but don’t really want to do deal with going to a flower store and picking something out – or getting gouged with random fees by the big flower e-retailers. We wanted something simple that would just take care of it for us. So we built BroFlower.”

– Andy Brudtkuhl, BroFlower

15. “My partner and I started, an online retailer of sunglasses and through our *50/50 Promise*, we donate 50 percent of the retail price to any partnered charity selected by our consumers. Our sunglasses are affordable, fashionable and polarized! Our passion has always been in helping others and that is where our inspiration of doing well by doing good comes from.”

– Karim Jiwani, Bhanashades, Inc.

16. “I am Gino Norris, a therapist, trainer and the Author of the Stress Diaries Range of books. I am a self publisher, and doing all writing and marketing myself. The business I am actively starting and promoting are the books and support community as a free professional service to support users who purchase my books, but also for any users who suffer from stress and anxiety. My mission is to provide free support to a million sufferers. I do believe that people are not ‘broken’ and simply need the right tools to help themselves and I provide those tools for people.

– Gino Norris, The Stress Community

17. “PR for Anyone™ is a site with resources and products to help small business owners learn how to generate their own publicity. It stems from my success handling my own publicity after I launched my small business, CastMedic Designs, and had no money left to hire a publicist. I appeared in over 50 media outlets in the first year of business including national and local television, magazines, newspapers, radio, and blogs. People are always asking how I was able to do this so I launched PR for Anyone™ to teach small business owners how to handle publicity easily and effectively. “

– Christina Daves, PR for Anyone

18. “I’m the founder of Kuli Kuli, the first company to introduce moringa, a unique superfood, to the U.S. food market. Kuli Kuli’s first product is a gluten-free nutrition bar full of simple, wholesome ingredients and a nutritious burst of moringa. Kuli Kuli supports women-owned farming cooperatives in West Africa to grow moringa and use it to improve the health of their communities. I started this company out of my Peace Corps experience working with moringa. I am now raising $500,000 to build out my team, invest heavily in promotion and inventory. I’m 25 and this is my first business so it has been quite a learning experience. We just launched in 10 Whole Foods stores and are excited to grow it from there!”

– Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

19. “Sales & Marketing Copywriting Talent Agency (SMCTA) is the premier “go-to” for any company’s sales or marketing copy needs. We offer high quality marketing copywriters with experience at large Fortune 500 companies as well as niche publishers in industries that include finance, technology and self-help. Our writers know how to write for ROI!”

– Naresh Vissa, Sales & Marketing Copywriting Talent Agency

20. “I am starting a business called PONZI FINDERS as I have seen so many of my friends and clients get hurt financially from ponzi schemers that it’s time to take matters into my own hands and become the go-to due diligence resource for discovering scam and fraud perpetrators before it’s too late!”

– Steve Replin, PONZI FINDERS

21. “I’m a 23 year old entrepreneur from New York who owns a social media + creative agency named Boogie. For the past 4 years, I’ve been working on growing the company to where it is now (9 members, more clients, etc). Boogie used to offer commercial printing services in the past but we’ve since grown own out of that. That’s why I decided to start PrettySimpl, an effortless alternative to traditional commercial printing.

The printing process is frustrating and time consuming and that’s my inspiration for creating PrettySimpl. This year I’ll be releasing the PrettySimpl product / software that aims to reshape the way we do traditional printing. From our ‘print by the shape’ concept and our ‘simple shipping’ options to our beautiful interface that enhances the users experience and allows them to order their prints from anywhere and on any device.”

– Jacques Bastien, Boogie & PrettySimpl

22. “This month, I co-founded and launched a new business with my colleague and seasoned industry veteran, Chris Donahue. Our company, Elevate Partners, is a boutique marketing firm offering innovative strategy, branding, communication , and business  development services to growing companies worldwide. We work with businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to established firms and are inspired by companies and causes looking to make meaningful contributions through their technology, product, or service.”

– Valerie Pressley, Elevate Partners

23. “I started my own freelance business as a way to use my creative side after retirement. My mission is to help with copy to create the best possible content. I edit manuscripts, write web content, and write reviews.”

– Robert Medak, Freelance Writer

24. “Nobody can argue with the fact that babies are adorable. But they are even more adorable in a hat from BabyHatIsland! I began my hat business in the summer of 2013 with an heirloom sewing machine, a couple of hats, and lots of ideas. I now have almost 100 styles, a growing brand, scarves, fleece headbands, sizes for older children and adults, and an upcoming spring collection of sunhats and matching tote bags.”

– Jennifer Ansbach, BabyHatIsland

25. “I am Founder & CEO of Entrepreneurs Loft, a live, work, and event space for entrepreneurs and artists influencing social consciousness, opening January 2014.”

– Nicole Wright, Entrepreneurs Loft

26. “I started a new business at the tail end of 2013 and we are really ramping things up now. My new business is, a crowdfunding platform for our nation’s schools and teachers. The idea came about when I already had my hat in the crowdfunding arena in another genre. My wife is an elementary teacher and she tells me stories firsthand of all the budget pitfalls our schools face every year. After seeing the normal school fundraisers fail the schools with their high fees that run anywhere from 40% to 75%, I thought of combining my crowdfunding experience with school fundraising. At all schools and teachers (teachers can raise funds for specific classroom needs as well) keep an average of 90% of all funds raised. With the popularity of crowdfunding and the vast reach of the web and social media we are poised to make a significantly positive impact on our nation’s schools and teachers.”

– Michael Johnston,

27. “One afternoon, a neighbor of mine gave me a candle for watching her son. I wouldn’t burn it because I was afraid of my kids getting to it and burning the house down. So I asked my husband how could I get the wax from my favorite candle out of this jar and into my warmer pot so I can enjoy the fragrance but without the danger of an open flame. There it was – an opportunity to an idea! I contacted a patent attorney, patented my idea, and spent 2013 getting paperwork done, finding manufacturers, hiring graphic designers for the packaging and ordered 3000 of my product items, which I have named The Candle Scoop. I have reserved a booth at one of the largest trade shows each year and I am ready to leap into the unknown. With 100% positive responses, I know this will be big, so here I come 2014!!!”

– Julie Skirvin, The Candle Scoop,

28. “Greenie Tots, Inc. provides healthy kid meal solutions for busy moms when a home cooked meal is not available. Currently, most quick meals selections are usually high calorie, high sodium, and contain little nutritional value. With the rise of childhood obesity and the scary statistic that 1 in 3 children will be diagnosed with diabetes before they reach high school, my husband Jamie and I were compelled to find a solution.”

– Jilea Hemmings, Greenie Tots, Inc.

29. “I’m a professional comedian who tours all over the world doing clean comedy. I have performed for President Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Rudolph Giuliani. This year I am going to open the country’s first all clean comedy club – a place where people can go without have to listen to dirty jokes, and without being picked on.”

Dan Nainan

30. “I’ve been at my new business Lady Lexis Sweets for a little more than 40 days – hard work but worth it. My interest in starting my own sweet shop began when I interned at Pinterest. I figured if I could give someone time for free I could give my time to myself. With the help of my mother who was teaching at the time she said she would help me open my own shop to showcase my creations. I love cookies so cookies are my base product along with many other sweets. My mother makes peanut brittle and toffee and I do the rest. It is difficult and it is a slow start but I love it because it is mine.”

– Lexis Gonzalez, Lady Lexis Sweets

31. “I lost a few dear friends in 2013 very unexpectedly and that led me into the market of cremation memorial items. I was dismayed at how mass produced and cold some of these offerings were. In November 2013 I decided to start an online marketplace that will only offer handcrafted cremation urns, jewelry and keepsakes to honor loved ones and beloved pets. In December 2013, I came up with the name of ARTISURN (artisan and urn), secured my domain name, and reached out to U.S. artisans for collaboration. I have been moving at a very high speed propelled by the sense of mission and sadness. Today I have a fully functional business that helps people heal and recover from their loss by finding one-of-a-kind memorial items that can be perfect resting vessels for the ones they lost.”

– Irina Jordan, ARTISURN, Inc.

32. “SF Tails provides customized pet services for man and woman’s best-friend throughout San Francisco. This includes dog walking, sitting, basic training, and concierge services such as vet and groomer visits. You’ll come home to a well exercised, socialized, and calmer pup! Our goal is to improve the daily life of dogs and their humans through our exceptional services.”

– Emily Ceisel, SF Tails

33. “While new apps are being developed and e-commerce sites are underway, we decided to start a nonprofit. Our founder Mayer Dahan believes that a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. This moral code lead him to starting a nonprofit called The Dream Builders Project, an action based charity that directly helps those in need, serves as a charity for charities and ultimately wants to align itself with low income and affordable housing projects. We had our first flash mob feed the homeless charity event in December. Check out the video!”

– Mayer Dahan, The Dream Builders Project

34. “I travel a lot, both for business and leisure, and even though I always look forward to the trip, I dread having to figure out my ride to and/or from the airport. I hate inconveniencing my friends or family to drive me, especially if my flight is during work hours, so my options are typically limited to a taxi (too expensive), a shared shuttle (long ride), or parking at the airport (the possibility of my car getting dinged up in the lot). I wanted to create a service that would connect people who needed rides to/from the airport with others in the community who could and wanted to provide the ride. My focus was two things: 1) A cheaper and more efficient alternative for passengers who needed a ride and 2) A friendly, trusted, and social experience – as if the passenger was being dropped off by a friend or family member!

Thus, SocialDrv was born. SocialDrv connects those who need a ride to/from the airport with others in the community who can and want to provide it. SocialDrv was launched in October 2013 and has been met with very positive feedback. I’m pleased to say I no longer dread getting a ride to the airport!”

– Anil Merchant, SocialDrv

35. “ZAP Marketing Partners was formed five months ago by my son Jamie after working for over eight years as the marketing director for the oldest historic hotel in Taos, New Mexico. I was semi-retired living in Las Vegas, Nevada after owning my own marketing, design and advertising firms for over thirty years and got a call from my son asking if I would come and help him. I said I would with a few conditions – no fancy titles, no ties and we had to offer my innovative joint venture model of working with selective clients. He agreed and here I am as the “Chief Spark Creator” for ZAP Marketing Partners.

We offer full service advertising, design, marketing, and public relations services. Our unique selling proposition is that we will also consider joint venturing with selective clients when the right opportunity presents itself. Most ad agencies would never work this way although more and more I’m hearing that savvy clients are demanding more creative working relationships. An unintended consequence was that my work became more fun and the rapport that developed between my partners and myself was superior to the normal agency client relationship.

We have been doing great in a short time primarily because we place a high priority on doing our homework before the creative process begins. This makes a lot of sense to most potential clients and gives us an edge over our competition that focuses only on the creative. We are at a point now where we’re beginning to reach out beyond northern New Mexico, which has some limitations on the number and kinds of businesses we can help.”

– Jon Tedesco, ZAP Marketing Partners

36. “Just this year we’ve started a business called Joppar that creates tools that help mobile app developers launch their apps easier and faster. We were inspired by the fact that so many small, one-man shops made so little money with their apps. We wanted to change things by giving them easy tools to run their app businesses easier and compete in the competitive app market.”

– Ashley Norton,

37. “The focus of Luvvy Public Relations is to help people get local or national media exposure for  their businesses, products, services, books, or image. Luvvy Public Relations was inspired out of the love for the media and people – it takes expensive PR services and makes them more affordable while still maintaining quality.”

– Kenyetta Kelley, Luvvy Public Relations

38. “With the new year, the official start of Directional Healthcare is complete. Directional Healthcare provides marketing and management advisory services to small, medical technology companies. The clients I have (already!) are very smart people who need support in business management and commercialization. They want to focus on the product and its application and I can advise on how to make this a viable business and how to market it out.”

– Roy Wallen, Directional Healthcare

39. “I have built a fully white labeled e-commerce tool called Restokk that can easily integrate with virtually any e-commerce platform or site. The tool automatically identifies when an item is out of stock and allows the consumer to sign up to receive a notification when the item is back in stock. Not only does this create the ability to recover a sale that would otherwise be lost, but it also creates a better customer experience and brings consumers back to the site, where they may purchase more than just the item they originally wanted. I am already seeing interest in Restokk and am very excited to officially launch the company and product near the end of this month. I think it will increase revenue for e-commerce companies and help to build more loyalty among their consumer base.”

– David Haney, Restokk

40. “Sculpt Studio is opening its doors on January 25th! We are the only Megaformer studio in Maryland and can’t wait to introduce the intense Megaformer workout to the area. As an entrepreneur and mom, I look for ROI workouts and Megaformers provide cardio, strength training and intense core work (while torching 500+ calories in 50 minutes). The problem I faced was that Megaformers classes were only in LA and New York, so I teamed up with local Pilates guru, Mary Farber, and the concept of Sculpt Studio was born!”

– Danielle Tate, Sculpt Studio

41. “Infant Innovators is a unique gadget for infants and parents alike. The Hands-Free Bunny Bottle allows parents to feed infants without holding the bottle for them. This allows the parents to complete other tasks/chores around the home. For parents on the go, a built in bottle warmer is included. Everything is kid tested and parent approved!”

– Ervin Asomani, Infant Innovators

42. “I’m a freelance online presence consultant and the founder of Outleads ( Outleads offers a patent-pending technology that delivers detailed call analytics using a single phone number. Traditional call tracking methods rely on a network of forwarding phone numbers to deliver call analytics, which is expensive and inaccurate. Outleads’ technology delivers significantly more detailed, 100% accurate analytics in a method that’s substantially less costly.

I started fabricating the methods and constructing Outleads’ platform in mid-2013; we started marketing the software in late 2013 and officially launched our beta program recently. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re rolling out new pricing and a partner program for marketing agencies, as well.”

– Dorin Rosenshine,

43. “A Better Batch is a ready-to-bake vegan sweets company based in Charleston, SC. We will offer three flavors of frozen cookie dough at first: chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed, and mocha oatmeal. Simply place the dough on a cookie sheet, pop it in the oven, and minutes later you have a better batch of warm, homemade cookies to enjoy and share.

My love of baking started when I was a child. I would help my mother make cakes and other delightful sweets for family and friends in our kitchen at home. Through the years, I continued to bake, perfecting everything from cookies to tricky cinnamon rolls (coming soon!). I enjoy baking a warm, sweet treat straight from the oven and sharing these wonderful goodies with family and friends (or just indulging in an entire batch all by myself!). I’m thrilled to share my ready-to-bake goodies with others who want the flavor, quality, and experience of homemade sweets without all the mess and work.”

– Hanes Swingle, A Better Batch

44. “I recently opened my matrimonial law practice this year. My practice areas include divorce, child support, child custody, adoption and meditation. My biggest inspiration for starting my business was my family. I was working really heard at another firm and not reaping any benefits from it. The support and encouragement of my family gave me the confidence to go out on my own and start my own business. It has not been easy so far, but I have no regrets.”

– Joleena Louis, Joleena Louis Law

45. “I’m the owner/designer of I Bambini, a new line of high quality adorable clothing for the children in your life. I have always had a passion for design and an equally great passion for shopping, so it only makes sense that I would combine them into fashion design! My designs are my own: I sketch them out and then select fabrics that make the designs pop.”

– Kim Williams, I Bambini, LLC.

46. “I began in late 2013 on branding and rolling out a new business of healthier relaxation, Kalm with Kava, but still consider it a new business for 2014. It’s been about 3 years in the making with help from nutritionists and food scientists to finalize our formula and we are officially for sale online and in limited retail locations around San Francisco, Montana, and Utah. Kalm is a relaxation drink, the antagonist of the energy drink boom and what some consider a healthier alternative to alcohol. The main ingredient is Kava, a root of the south pacific that provides feelings of calm and happiness while not affecting mental clarity.”

– Michael Munsell, Monsoon Beverages LLC.

47. “I’m the CEO of We just recently launched our website which is an online tailor bringing customers the ability to develop tailor made custom clothing directly from their computer, tablet, or smartphone from any location in the world.”

– Frank DeJackmo, Point Click Tailor Inc.

48. “I am starting a new business in California where I will be a life coach specializing with parents who are having trouble with their teens. I am a former troubled teen myself – dropped out of high school but now I have two master’s degrees. I’ve spent over 20 years helping troubled teens in schools and I’m now utilizing that experience in my new business as a life coach.”

– Karen Wrolson, Excite-Ed!

49. “Speaker Sponsor is the only online directory for speakers seeking small business sponsorship. There is also a crowdfunding for speakers section for speakers with a cause related topic. I started the business because so many meeting planners weren’t paying speakers, either because the budgets had been cut or so many new speakers were volunteering to speak for free. I started getting my own sponsors so that I would always get paid to speak. Now I teach other speakers how to do the same and run the directory where they can put their speaking opportunities for sponsors to view.”

– Julie Austin, Speaker Sponsor

50. “ is a customizable solution empowering any entrepreneur or brand to create their own peer-to-peer marketplace in the sharing economy. Whether sharing RVs, band equipment, chefs, outdoor gear or unused hotel space, Near-Me provides individuals and commercial brands with a simple, easy tool for creating websites to buy, sell, rent, trade and share anything from products, places, spaces or human-powered services.

Companies like Airbnb and Lyft have proven consumer trends are definitely shifting toward peer-to-peer sharing, and this is a solution that will help other businesses tap into those consumer habits.”

– Michelle Regner,

51. “In June my partners and I launched FranForward with the objective of launching franchise companies to facilitate other business people launching individual franchises. On February 1st we will begin franchising Oasis Senior Advisors. Oasis helps seniors (and their families) find assisted senior living options. We have designed systems and programs (including a proprietary software technology) that reduce the stress, time, and money – our service is free for families!

We believe any business in franchising should be inspired to deliver quality to the clients/consumer (again, in Oasis’ case the families and seniors), strong unit economics/profitability to the franchisees, and revenue/royalty stream for the franchisor.”

– Iric Wexler, FranForward 

52. “I am a partner in a new company called ExExpense, which is a unique web based application that automatically splits expenses between divorced couples based on their final agreement. The app takes the complexity out of post-divorce financial management, child support splits, and alimony. A friend of mine (web developer and CPA) developed this system to aid in his own post-divorce finances mostly to make it easier for his ex-wife to see and calculate the splits. He looked around for a financial tool to do this, saw none and built his own. He and I both saw an unmet need to serve a huge market.”

– Philip St. Jacques,

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