Experts Weigh In: What I Love About Being an Entrepreneur (Part 2)Last week, we asked 75 entrepreneurs to tell us what they loved about running their own businesses. The feedback we got was so overwhelming, today we have 76 more small business owners on deck telling us what drives and motivates them to be their own boss!

1. “I love being an entrepreneur because I am able to work from home and make money doing something incredibly fun for me. I get paid to drink tea, paint with watercolors, and watch Sherlock!”

– Anna White, Artist and Business Coach, 2dayIchoose

2. “What I love most about being an entrepreneur is being able to work every day with my wife. I know it sounds corny, especially at Valentine’s Day, but it’s true. My wife always says ‘I don’t want to be Batman, I like being Robin.’ When I was a kid, I was always Batman. That translates to an awesome working relationship. People ask us how we could stand being together all day at work and then at home again and we respond, we couldn’t stand to not be working together every day. We have a ton of fun working together and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

– Buck Smolow, Co-Founder,

3. “My story-based content marketing company stems from my passion for creative writing, and a refusal to settle for anything less than success. While in university I had come to believe that I would never be hired by a company based merely on my writing skills. I was told that I must learn a variety of additional skills such as Photoshop, etc. Things that I had zero interest in. Rather than settling for an apparent reality I chose to create my own. Here’s to finding a passion and following it without fear. If you strive for excellence in your interest, the money will always follow. Believe me! #BeYourOwnBoss”

– Sarah Walker, CEO | Cursive Remedy Media

4. “I love my lifestyle. The ability to decide how and where I want to live. I can move anywhere in the world and run my business remotely. I love that I can get up in the morning when my body says, OK, wake up vs. the mental intrusion of an alarm clock. I love that if I decide spontaneously that my schedule permits I can take time off. I love that I call the shots and I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. I love that I can handpick my team and only work with people I like. What’s not to love?”

– Michelle Gamble, CEO, 3L Publishing

5. “I’d rather work 80 hours a week at a job I love than 40 hours a week at a job I hate. Start-ups offer you the ability to challenge yourself every day. The sense of pride in creating something from nothing is exhilarating!”

– Jay Samit, Chairman, Realty Mogul

6. “The part of being an entrepreneur I love most is the ability to work where I want thanks to technological advances with smartphones and wi-fi as well as travel to meet like minded individuals who are always willing to share ideas to help you grow to new levels.”

– Dave Gardner, Owner, Barefoot Enterprises, LLC

7. “I love being an entrepreneur because I can take creative ideas and turn them into fun and engaging mobile games that create positive emotions in players all over the world.”

– Jack Liu, Creative Director, Digital Possum Games

8. “The thing I love the most is that I don’t have to limit what I can offer to clients. In corporate settings I am limited by my title and job description. I’m told that I ‘can’t’ do something because it’s not in my job description. As an entrepreneur I have more flexibility to help the customer get what they need.”

– Nancy Catherine Walker, CEO, Walker Business 

9. “I adore being an entrepreneur in the true sense of allowing me to share with the world my purpose. To empower, to create and share authenticity and to help grow. My favorite part of each and every day is to help other entrepreneurs live their own dreams by being true to who they are and creating success by embracing their own power.”

– Crystal Wells, CEO, The Missing Map

10. “I love the idea of owning my own business and doing whatever I want when I want and how I want to do it. It allows me to do things that can make a difference and there is no one who can stop me. I created a whole new art form of celebrity rubber ducks. It was a big gamble as no one did licensed rubber ducks plus creating ducks with the intricacy in the sculpting and painting we would need was unheard of. But that’s what I love about it – the complete creative control to do something that’s never been done before! I guess it panned out as you know since we ended up selling over a million ducks, being voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly, and featured on hundreds of TV shows, magazines, and newspapers including The Tonight Show. I love the fact that I have complete creative freedom to keep taking it to another level and no one can tell me that I can’t. Pushing the envelope is what it’s all about for me.”

– Craig Wolfe, President, CelebriDucks

11. “I always wanted to make beautiful things. I couldn’t draw or paint or sculpt growing up so I became an entrepreneur. I love it because it is my way of creating; making something amazing, where once there was only an idea. A year or so ago, I started working on my new business idea, a website where our customers can create beautiful custom-made diamond jewelry, at a fraction of the usual price. is my love for creating things come alive.”

– Nikolay Piryankov, CEO, Rare Pink

12. “What I love about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility that it has given me to spend with my family and explore the world. Although I am working harder than I ever have, being my own boss has allowed me to setup my own schedule and I couldn’t be happier.”

– Paul McTaggart, Founder and CEO, Dental Departures

13. “My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is that I am not bogged down answering the question, What are you going to do when you retire. I have no intention of retiring, I just reinvent my focus to suit the needs of the times.”

– Ingrid E. Lundquist, CSEP, The Lundquist Company 

14. “I just took the plunge and opened my own marketing company, and oddly enough, the thing that I love most is the thing that I thought I would hate the most: self-promotion. I’m naturally very shy, almost pathologically so. It’s very difficult for me to talk positively about my skills and experience in person or on the phone, but it’s a challenge that I have to face if I am going to gain business. I don’t normally relish challenges that really put me outside of my comfort zone, but because it’s something that truly I need to do, I’m finding it easier to push myself to promote my skill set, rather than constantly tearing myself down or critically ripping apart my own work in my mind.”

– Andrea Karim, Owner, Rivet Marketing LLC 

15. “I absolutely love being an entrepreneur because you are constantly learning and educating yourself. It’s a constant classroom of new ideas, new ventures, and diving into unknown territories. This keeps me intrigued and coming back for more. Every year I start with a dozen or more projects and every single of them is a learning experience, from the people I meet, to the things I learn. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

– Caroline Fielding, President, Dryven, Inc.

16. “What I love the most about being an entrepreneur is the absolute freedom; to live and do business on my own terms.”

– Kelly Curtis, Partner & Operations Director, Single Malt

17. “I like being an entrepreneur because I have the power to innovate the world. Seeing each idea come to fruition is an amazing experience. I love helping others in a format that helps me accomplish what I set out to do in life as well.”

– Benjamin Dara, CEO, The Lightwurx

18. “What I like most about being an entrepreneur is the ability to basically work whenever I want to. The business I run is Internet-based, allowing me to create a flexible work schedule whenever I need to. It makes it much easier to schedule business travel and attend social events with friends and family.”

– Andrew Schrage, CEO and Founder, Money Crashers

19. “The single greatest thing about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility. I have been running the coupon website,, full-time for close to 10 years and in that time I have never missed one of my son’s little league games or one of my daughter’s school performances. If I have to leave the office early I don’t have to ask for permission and can simply make up for it later in the evening after the kids are tucked in bed. The flexibility is absolutely awesome and there is no doubt it makes me a better dad and husband.”

– Kyle James, Founder,

20. “The part of the job I love most is working with my best friends [Cellairis was cofounded by Taki Skouras (CEO), Jaime Brown (COO) and Joseph Brown (President)] every day. Our personal and professional relationships have little boundaries and each of us are involved in all aspects of each other’s lives. This is the key to our success.”

– Taki Skouras, CEO and cofounder, Cellairis

21. “I love that each and every day at work, I get to help other small businesses succeed by serving as their web, tech, and marketing problem solver. As an entrepreneur, I have made a career out of helping others which is always interesting and extremely fulfilling.”

– Ben Seidel, President, Igniting Business

22. “At the moment the thing I love most about being an entrepreneur is my freedom to see my friends whenever I please. In my old job I was stuck in an office all day and was too tired to socialize after work. Now I plan my day around having lunches and coffee with people I really enjoy being around and it makes a world of difference. I find this is also a great way to brainstorm new ideas with a variety of people.”

– Christian Sculthorp, SEO Consultant, Sculthorp SEO Inc.

23. “I love being able to make a difference for someone other than myself.”

– Tony Shap, Business Development Consultant to America’s Fastest-Growing Companies,

24. “Helping people stop being afraid: being afraid of standing in front of audience, of taking on challenges, being afraid of using their guts and of showing who they truly are. Whether it’s my employees or my clients, I want to unleash people’s true potential so that they can completely accomplish themselves.”

– Kelly Hadous, President/Founder, Win The Room

25. “I love being my own boss and setting the compass for my career’s direction. I love being able to choose to work with clients who appreciate creativity, honesty and a human approach to doing business. And I love seeing my hard work pay off as my company grows, and I’m able to offer project work to others.”

– Aliza Sherman, Mediaegg, LLC

26. “The thing I love most about being an entrepreneur is the freedom that comes from doing what I love. I love exercise and playing sports and being my own boss gives me the freedom to play basketball and work out every morning before going into work. This allows me to be a lot more productive when I’m at work.”

– Kevin Hernandez, CEO & Co-Founder, RecCheck, Inc.

27. “I love the tremendous personal satisfaction gained by knowing I actually make a difference in my client’s daily lives. Working with me creates active change. I work with clients to help them finally get organized and handle all their stuff so they can start living the life they want to be living. I specialize in paper management—you know all those paper piles, unopened bills, To Do Lists (that somehow never seem to get To Done), and the bank accounts that one has been meaning to reconcile, weighing on one and preventing living life fully. I create innovative solutions and simple systems so clients can regain control of their overstressed lives. My organizing style is to empower my clients while making it both fun and comfortable. I am sensitive to my clients and their needs, and the level of trust I establish is paramount to my success. The result: less stress, a sense of peace, calm and the knowledge they do not have to do it all alone.”

– Jul’s Arthur, Founder and Owner, Everything In Its Place

28. “What I love most about being an entrepreneur is the freedom and ability to make an impact. I’ve never been a big fan of rules or corporate structure. Being able to make my own rules and answer primarily to my employees instead of a boss has been empowering. I also enjoy being able to determine how I give back to the community that has supported my success over the years. Beyond a desire to provide financial security for my family, I have a desire to create a legacy with my agency, Anvil Media. Engaging with the community provides that opportunity and is appreciated by employees and clients.”

– Kent Lewis, President & Founder, Anvil Media, Inc.

29. “What I love most about being an entrepreneur is being able to create and nurture something that builds community, connecting people with each other and with businesses. RateTea is a useful reference for tea drinkers on its own, but it is the community that it generates, whether people conversing about tea, tea companies reaching new customers, or people being inspired to start a blog about tea, that I find most inspirational.”

– Alex Zorach, Founder and Editor,

30. “Having about 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, my favorite part of the job is creating my own schedule. From this, I’ve been able to work in several other ventures, some that are business-related and some that are personal. To me, one of the biggest incentives for being an entrepreneur is having the ability to make your own schedule.”

– John Drabkowski, Owner,

31. “I love being an entrepreneur because of the freedom and daily challenges. It’s like solving a puzzle one day at a time. Some days the pieces fit together easily and on other days it takes a lot longer to find the right pieces. In the end when it comes together you feel accomplished and than you do it all over again.”

– Iyea Brandy, MA, Educator and Mompreneur, Iyea Brandy, INC

32. “Control, control, control. The success of my business and therefore my own personal success is dependent on how good I am at my work. I control my hours, my environment, which clients I want to work with, which staff I work with, the good I can do for others, and my income.”

– Nancy D. Butler, CFP(r), CDFA(tm), CLTC, Above All Else, Success in Life and Business(r)

33. “The chance for change – this is what I love most about being an entrepreneur. As a business owner, new opportunities, challenges, ideas and adventures are around every corner. Just when you think your days have become routine, something or someone new offers the chance for you to grow your business or yourself in some previously unexplored way.”

– Michelle Geib, President, Xperience Days Inc.

34. “What I love about being an entrepreneur is the ability to create my own destiny. I don’t have to worry about getting laid off by my employer or wait around for a 3% raise. I get paid for how hard I work and hustle and I love it!”

– Michele Velazquez, CEO, The Heart Bandits Inc.

35. “For me, it’s simple. Sweet, sweet freedom. The ability to control the timing of your day is very freeing.”

– Chris Yoko, President & CEO, Yoko Co

36. “I love that I have freedom and control over my company’s destiny. I LOVE creating my products and bringing them to the marketplace and having people fall in love with them – that is tremendously rewarding and never gets old! I also love that I can share my passion – which is educating people about the dangers in chemical fragrance ingredients and provide them with a beautiful alternative. All of these things make the day to day grind – well worth it!”

– Tania Reuben, Founder & Chief Executive Diva, Pure Natural Diva Botanicals

37. “I love having my own business because I control my life and have been able to work in 50 countries and 49 states. I have met fantastic and famous people and have adventures up the kazoo!!”

– Dr. Gayle Carson, Carson Research Center

38. “I’m sure the power of being an entrepreneur and being your own boss can go to some people’s heads, but believe me, that power can be used for good! One of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur is being able to empower people with disabilities. I am proud to have over 75% of my workforce comprised of people with disabilities, including blind, low vision, hard of hearing, and others. As an IT company that audits for accessibility, the best way to audit products was by those end users themselves. We make it a point specifically to hire people with disabilities to be our technology testers, and although there expert testers without disabilities in this field, I believe that our business functions so well because we provide that firsthand experience with disabilities to other companies. More importantly, we work with a group that is tragically unemployed in today’s marketplace, and allow for great technology usability and accessibility for users overall.”

– Dana Marlowe, Principal Partner, Accessibility Partners, LLC

39. “The best part of being an entrepreneur is freedom. As an entrepreneur one has the freedom to bring ideas to life, the freedom to organize ones daily schedule as desired, and the freedom to make mistakes and learn as much as possible.”

– Eliana Reyes, Owner and Youth Motivational Speaker, Made To Live LLC

40. “I’m fortunate because I feel there are many different aspects of my job that I love the most. One of my most favorite is to be able to host high profile red carpet charity events for my clients who are some of the most recognized names in sports and entertainment and raise a significant amount of funds and awareness for the charities. This gives me such great pleasure knowing that I’m helping so many children and families who need it most.”

– MJ Pedone, President & Founder, Indra Public Relations

41. “What’s not to love about being an entrepreneur? I get to be zany, creative and have the ability to put it all out there and see what works. No two days are alike and even though there are challenges, the freedom of exploration and creation cannot be compared.”

– Jennifer Kelman, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer

42. “I absolutely love the ability to work my schedule. I can work whatever 16 hours in the day I want.”

– Mike Townsend, Founder, HomeHero

43. “The thing I love most about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility I’m able to give myself and my staff. FlexJobs has 40 staffers and we all work from home with flexible schedules. I designed the company specifically to be this way because I know how fantastic work flexibility can be. In my case, I love my company and my role, but I also love having more time to spend with my family and the work-life balance that flexible work options provide me and my staff. Not all entrepreneurs can say that, but it’s a conscious decision I’ve made about how I want to work, and it makes me love being an entrepreneur!”

– Sara Sutton Fell, CEO/Founder, FlexJobs

44. “Helping discover and grow employees to reach their potential and use their talents is one of my most favorite things about being an entrepreneur. Being able to take ideas, implement them, and see a new enterprise serve customers while employing individuals is why I am so passionate about being an entrepreneur.”

– Wade Benz, President,

45. “I’ve had many great jobs during the course of my career, but I love that entrepreneurship has given me the chance to create the perfect job for me. I’m able to craft what I do and what I offer, choose who I work with, and create my own schedule. I’ve yet to have a job that offers me all of those things. I love that through my business I get to help people every day. I help them grow their businesses, become more organized, gain a greater sense of calm and clarity and connect with fantastic people. Without starting my business, I probably never would have started networking. Growing my network over the last 7 years has allowed me to connect with amazing people who have become colleagues, referral partners, clients, and amazing friends!”

– Alaia Williams, Owner, and At the Helm: Women In Biz

46. “What I love most about having my own business is the ability to arrange my life around my own priorities, energy and preferred work rhythms. At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to care for myself, my family and my business. And God gave me 24 hours each do to accomplish those 3 things. There’s no reason to stress myself out trying to make them fit into artificial time slots. I schedule them when they make the most sense for me and my natural style. I tell my clients that the definition of balance is NOT trying to get to a perfect 10 in every area of their life. Rather, it’s figuring out how they want their life to look in each area and putting the plan in place to get there. My #1 tip that always works for me it to pause and consciously choose what I want to say yes and what I want to say no to. When I don’t do that, I can make choices without realizing that saying yes to this thing really means saying no to something else I may not want to say no to. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. I’ve had many clients get to their prior definition of a 10 and then raise the bar! Respecting your work and LIFE rhythms is about prioritizing your time so that it is in alignment with your values and goals.”

– Elene Cafasso, Enerpace, Inc. Executive Coaching

47. “I love the process of building for outcomes. Be it the infrastructure of the business itself, a new product, or a new market. I think what any entrepreneur loves is the process of figuring out how to put all the pieces together that lead to a finished product and ultimately a success.”

– Joe Mecca, President/Co-Founder, KwikBoost

48. “After many years in the corporate world, working for companies like Burberry, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, I decided to start up my own business and be my own boss. I love every day and every challenge. And I love my new career, helping people organize their homes and lives. It’s so rewarding. I’m thankful every day that I made the corporate break and went to work for myself. Why didn’t I do it sooner!!????”

– Donna David, President, David and Company

49. “I love being an entrepreneur and if I had to solidify one aspect that I love the most, it would have to be control. I founded my business after being laid off three times in a six-year period. I took control of my career/destiny and built something that answered a great need; something I am passionate about. I love that I control my paycheck, my job security and most importantly, my purpose. I love that I have the control to implement ideas that I find powerful/interesting and that I don’t have to follow a chain of command when making business decisions. Having control over one’s autonomy has to be the most meaningful part of entrepreneurship and I love every aspect of running my enterprise.”

– Felena Hanson, Founder, Hera Hub

50. “The part I enjoy most about being an entrepreneur is developing the company according to my vision. I’ve found that the process does change over the years, but the vision definitely doesn’t! I love overseeing new tours being developed most.”

– Georgette Blau, President, On Location Tours

51. “Being able to choose my team. Being in control of your investment and your future makes it extremely important to surround yourself with driven, motivated, and energetic people. Moreover, having a great team makes work enjoyable and satisfying.”

– Michael Talve, Managing Director, The Expert Institute

52. “The best part about being an entrepreneur is watching my own original ideas develop from nothing into a real live business. I started off with a small idea and it’s fun watching that idea develop into something much bigger and actually become a real business.”

– Alexander Singer, Owner, Chanteur Designs

53. “Creating something from nothing was always an appealing idea. Starting a new business is like painting on a blank canvas, and you can go whichever way you want. Yes, you flounder a bit, but when you succeed, the reward is much sweeter. For people who are not gifted in creative arts, it is the next best thing.”

– Afifa Siddiqui, Co-Founder and COO, Careerleaf Inc.

54. “What I love most about being an entrepreneur is that every day I hold the ability to make my business evolve and grow. I am 56 years old and have not regretted a minute of being in business for myself.”

– Debbie Anderson, Owner, Vibrational Energy

55. “I love making personal connections with clients! I get to know my clients very well and have had such great experiences watching them start to love themselves and their bodies more. It has been such an amazing blessing!”

– Kaarin Vembar, Fashion Consultant/Owner, Closet Caucus

56. “I love being an entrepreneur: Over the past 5 years, I have started 2 businesses, and while my life is gorgeous chaos I wouldn’t change it for the world. Entrepreneurship is what I call a character building experience.”

– Noelle Stary, Founder & CEO, 20 Lemons, LLC

57. “Being an entrepreneur certainly has ups and downs. There are risks and some unpredictability at times, but when you’re successful they certainly should not outweigh the exciting and rewarding parts. One thing I love about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility – and in this case I mean the creative flexibility. (Though the scheduling flexibility is something to love, too.) If you create an outside-the-box solution for a client that works, there won’t be ‘corporate’-style hurdles to jump. No one will tell you ‘We’ve never done it that way before’ or ‘That’s not the way it’s always been done.’ When a product or service pleases a client and positively impacts their bottom line, they don’t care if you’ve done it before or how it’s always been done – in fact, they’re grateful for the innovative contribution. Being able to think without those stodgy company restrictions is invaluable.”

– Julie Beltz, Founder and Managing Director, Elite Status Marcomm

58. “I love the fact that I don’t have to punch a clock; I can work a few hours a day in between taking a walk by the lake, or I can work into the wee hours of the morning to finish a project. Although there’s no dependable income, I just love the freedom of doing things that are important to me, while people get benefited in some way.”

– Bev Browne, Founder, Inc. 

59. “After 10 years founding and running Company Folders, there are a lot of things I love about being an entrepreneur. There’s the pride and self-confidence from keeping a business going under sometimes difficult economic periods. Ten years is a big milestone for an e-commerce site. The things that stand out for me are:

* Ability to make a difference. We can see the growth of our customers when they come back for re-orders. We also can see we’ve made a difference when the designs we create for clients inspires them to redo their website using our designs.

* Making clients happy. Over the past decade, we’ve received over 10,000 projects and printed over 7 million folders. We do it by continuously finding ways to improve our offerings, our website (to make it user friendly), and helping our clients keep on top of the latest trends and style.

* Ability to help people. I feel good that we are able to help our employees and partners make money, which helps them support their families.

* Responsibility for the future of the whole organization. It’s not
just having the idea for a company and not just being able to launch and sustain a company. It’s great to be able to shape the future, to control much of the destiny of the company.

– Vladimir Gendelman, CEO, Company Folders

60. “My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the non-stop action, and not knowing exactly what will happen day-to-day, in terms of what clients and projects will come our way. It may be one of the craziest parts of the business, but it is also the part I love the most. There are dozens of weekly challenges and obstacles that you have to face as an entrepreneur, and no two weeks are exactly the same. This chaos that is entrepreneurship puts the pressure on me to perform my best and always be ready for anything.”

– Nick Grant, Co-founder & Chief Rainmaker, Killer Infographics

61. “Being an entrepreneur gives me the ability to leave an intentional impact on the world. Everyone leaves a legacy, but not everyone gets to leave the legacy of their choosing so as an entrepreneur, I can inspire my team, provide for my family and share my message with the entire world.”

– Matt Shoup, President & CEO, M&E Painting

62. “The greatest part about starting and running your own business is the freedom and control. I can dress how I want, set my own schedule and choose who I work with. You can’t beat it!”

– Kathy Crifasi, President and Owner, Hipzbag

63. “I love being an entrepreneur because it allowed me to break free from the status quo. It also enabled me to focus on business – not office drama, worrying about my salary, a raise or other meaningless distractions. Last but not least, starting a small business also meant moving faster than any bigger or better-funded competitor.”

– Dimple Thakkar, CEO & Impresario, SYNHERGY

64. “I love being an entrepreneur because it gives me the opportunity to meet people I never would have otherwise. It challenges me to think outside of the box and every day is different!”

– Linda Gomez, CEO, Fullips

65. “I absolutely love being an entrepreneur!!! I am empowered to fully express my authentic self and feel free to create products and serves that make a real difference in people’s lives!”

– Marissa O’Neil, Founder & CEO, Coastal Inspirations

66. “I love that there’s always growth potential. My income is determined by the value I’m able to deliver to the world, not by a salary I agreed to months or years ago.”

– Jason Swett, Founder and CEO, Snip Salon Software

67. “My favorite part of my job is the support we receive from other woman entrepreneurs. Women supporting women is an incredible feeling and sense of belonging.”

– Rachel Teyssier, Vice President, RAINRAPS

68. “I love being in the realm of creativity every single day. I have a passion for supporting dreamers, visionaries and entrepreneurial spirits in moving their dreams of self-employment and business ownership from their heads and their hearts into a business plan and/or strategic plan.”

– LaPronda Spann, Principal and Chief Visionary Architect, Lain Consulting, LLC.

69. “I love having full creative control of what I create and sell and not being tied to a 40 hour week. I find setting my own schedule is freeing and inspiring and I can work around my family life, enjoying my children.”

– Nancy Z Quinn, Wildlife Artist

70. “The duality of entrepreneurship cannot be matched! I LOVE having the FREEDOM to set my course by pursuing my purpose and passions simultaneously and all for the greater good of others. Earning a profit from my efforts is icing on the cake.”

– Isha Edwards, Brand Marketing Consultant & Business Instructor, EPiC Measures, LLC

71. “To me, there’s two types of people in this world. There are those who work for a business and then there are those who create the businesses to begin with. If you don’t build your dream then somebody else is just going to hire you to help build theirs. Being an entrepreneur has countless perks from freedom to the money, however for me it’s more about pushing the human race forward. There’s truly no greater purpose on Earth.”

– Alfie Whattam, AlfieWhattamMagic

72. “One of the major benefits to being entrepreneur is to do what I really love. Being able to create my own opportunities guarantees I will never get bored with my job. Of course, freedom to work from anywhere and at any time is irreplaceable. This makes me a lot more productive. I can work when I feel “working” and within hours I often complete tasks that would usually took me days if I was full time in the office.”

– Veselin Stoilov, CEO, StivaSoft Ltd.

73. “I have owned my own business, Social Spotlight Media, for about two years now and what I love most is the fact that I get to build my own team. I have been able to surround myself with smart, hardworking women who inspire and motivate me every day!”

– Laura Knapp, President, Social Spotlight Media

74. “There are so many things that I enjoy about being an entrepreneur but the thing I love the most is the opportunity and necessity to be creative. Every entrepreneur has a creative gene that has allowed them to think that they could create something out of nothing. Once the business is off the ground the creativity really kicks in. Creative financing, staffing, operating space, etc. will surely stretch the limits of the entrepreneurs creative prowess. Working in marketing and PR allows me to be creative for my clients as well so I certainly have my unfair share of creative opportunity. Bending the rules and doing it our way is the entrepreneurs modus operandi.”

– Mike Warner, Chief Operating Officer, Egami Consulting Group

75. “Being an entrepreneur makes me feel ALIVE. It makes me feel like I live a life on purpose, a life on MY terms and by MY design. I remember how miserable and disengaged I was when I worked for the man, and now I feel like I have all the freedom I want, I am my own boss, and I get to create whatever I want to create. It’s just delicious.”

– Shereen Faltas, CEO & Founder, Awaken The Rebel

76. “My favorite part of being an entrepreneur involves the unexpected, ever-changing environment, which forces us to constantly adjust and improve. While keeping up with the pace of change may be challenging sometimes, this unpredictability also brings excitement, new prospects, and – from my experience – spurs innovation.”

– Dorin Rosenshine, Founder, Outleads

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