5 Safety Precautions to Practice While Relocating to a New OfficeWhat possible harm can possibly befall you while shifting to a new office? Plenty! It’s a little like moving to a new home- there’s plenty of chaos and minor or major injuries that might occur if the workers are not careful enough. Unfortunately, this happens even when professional help is hired by the organization. Here is a compilation of safety precautions you can refer to in order to better minimize risks.

Let the heavy equipment be handled by experts.

First things first – let the moving firm handle all the heavy equipment in your office. They are the ones paid for the job and have a certain degree of expertise and control over the same. They also have different tools as well as the manpower to lift, carry and load them in vehicles and transport them easily to the new location. Let them do their work and steer clear of any mishaps by attempting to lift equipment that is clearly beyond your capacity!

Watch out for the dust.

Dirt and dust are commonplace when shifting takes place. Many people don’t know whether they are allergic to dust mites and this can trigger a number of health hazards; not to mention asthma patients or those with other breathing anomalies, whose conditions become aggravated in these conditions. Take preventive measures like wearing a mask or at least covering your mouth with a handkerchief while the shifting process is going on around you. If you have severe breathing problems, then ask your supervisor to excuse yourself till the time the process gets over.

Check your desk upon arriving.

Your new cubicle or desk will seem like a place in another realm for the first time and this is natural. But before warming yourself up to the place and settling in, make sure that you check it thoroughly for any loose wires, defective desks, chairs and whether your working area is ergonomically fit for you to work or not. This is particularly essential for anyone in a sedentary job role. If you find anything out of place, don’t hesitate to let your supervisor or boss know right away.

Steer clear of cables.

Cables and wires of desktops, laptops and other electronic and electrical equipment in an office often plays truant when it comes to the safety of the workers. If not handled properly, they will end up becoming a bunch of messy wires. When you don’t watch your step, chances are you might trip on these and injure yourself in the process. This is why you need to maintain a safe distance from the wires. Also, wires that aren’t handled properly and installed without following proper guidelines may lead to short-circuits. If you think this is something that is going on while relocating, immediately alert the top authorities in your organization so that they can rectify the same on the spot.

Don’t trip!

Where there is shifting, there are numerous packed and unpacked items in boxes that are strewn all over the new location. It is natural to skip a step and trip over these packages and break a leg – literally. Ask one of the relocation company moving professionals to organize them in stacks and away from high-traffic areas on the work floor. The same point holds true as and when furniture is strewn here and there – get someone to assemble furniture pieces at the earliest before taking up any other work.

Glenda Amaya is community manager at Fair Price Movers, san francisco moving companies, providing moving services to San Jose and San Francisco.