1. I agree on all the points concerning LOGOS. Think of a restaurant that has always been known & counted on for a specific menu, [ let’s say steak & potatoes w/ a cream asparagus sauce], and one day you show up starving & they have changed the menu to sushi. ====== You have just killed your business! Most people get this thinking —– however, it’s when first starting out, that people lose faith in their selections and are trying to catch peoples’ attention & drum up business! That’s when change occurs.
    I have a LOGO in your files, [i believe], & have an affinity [ i’m thinking], in creating them. — I think that the LOGO starts to appear in your creative mind, when you study the words / and / or actual business being done, [ some business names say or tell nothing about their product], so, you have to state it somehow in your LOGO. Simple & Bold.
    My LOGO w/ you is about Recycling —- not just because i believe in Recycling, also i’m throwing out a line to see if there are others w/ whom i can trade & make it viable. As of now, this is at the smallest scale imaginable, & maybe I sell an article now & then. —— A home hobby, w/ a happy ending once in a while! —— My challenge is finding a platform that can appreciate an intuitive mind, better than average eye, and a willingness to trade w/ someone that is not middle of the road, can get things done, —– an didn’t go to Harvard!
    Thanks, J lamarine

  2. Looking to make a logo for my new business that I am working on. Real Estate signs are hard to make stand apart and I do want to stand apart from the others in my area.

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