How to Keep Your Sales Team MotivatedRight now as we tussle between finishing up commitments of the year gone by and anticipating coming opportunities, business owners and leaders are finding themselves taking stock of where they are, where they want to be, and identifying the things they need to do to get there.

Experts are predicting that 2015 will focus on physical and fiscal health and fitness. In addition to the more popular weight loss and general fitness categories, individuals will also be focusing on debt retirement and finding new ways to stretch their income.  On the corporate front, people are going to be looking hard for internal prospects and promotions; and greater numbers than ever before are planning to pursue entrepreneurial goals.

So how will you focus on acquiring new skills and competitive advantage while increasing sales, productivity, and profitability? Here are Ten Tips for you to have a successful 2015.

  1. Take responsibility for your business goals and objectives. Identify the operations and actions that will help you advance in the next twelve months.
  2. Do not allow yourself to be ruled by circumstances. Accept setbacks and move forward.
  3. Remind yourself that learning and growth are never-ending. Be on the lookout for new knowledge, ideas, and mutually-beneficial alliances or partnerships.
  4. Recognize and be proud of your own and the accomplishments of others. Ask for feedback, say Thank You, and take something positive from every experience.
  5. Do one simple thing every day to make this coming year better for everyone around you.
  6. Spend one day a week with the “one level down” and the “front line.” Find the time to broaden your perspective and ensure that you live and work in the real world.  Valuable insights are available from front line employees and the direct reports of your peers.
  7. Fix the top service issue. Stop ignoring or excusing problems; instead seek out root causes, and create a realistic improvement plan.  Delivering on the basics maintains your organization’s credibility.
  8. Identify one strategic change in your area of expertise that will show a positive return to your organization.  Establish priorities and criteria for evaluating future opportunities. Take a risk and then seek to engage participation at the broadest levels you can.
  9. Manage by the numbers.  Proactively monitor what you are doing: productivity, service, retention trends, and added value.  Include both operational as well as financial metrics.
  10. Be the good guy.  Create a service organization that demonstrates respect and appreciation for all your internal and external customers in word and deed.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

Mallary Tytel is president and founder of Healthy Workplaces, a national consulting firm that focuses on helping create healthy, productive and sustainable workplaces. Grounded in the theory and practice of complexity science and human systems dynamics, HW provides customized coaching, training and facilitation, centering on the critical areas of strategy, diversity and culture, developing women leaders, and the triple bottom line.  Contact Mallary at or +1.860.874.7137.