8 Tips for How Brands Can Stay Connected with Customers via Social MediaStill haven’t taken the time to set up a blog for your business? Many people assume that blogs are used strictly for personal purposes, sharing with the world your political views and movie criticisms. While many blogs fall under this category, they can also by businesses for commercial purposes.

#1) Boosts Your Credibility

Businesses that maintain active blogs are viewed as being more credible in the eyes of their target audience. When a user searches for information related to your business online, he or she may notice your blog. If your competitor doesn’t have a blog, which business do you think the user will trust more? Yep, users will view your blog as being more credible and trustworthy since it contains a blog.

#2) Drives Traffic

Of course, another undeniable benefit of business blogging is the ability to drive traffic to your website. People will begin to read your blog, some of whom will return once every couple of days to see if you’ve published new content. You can use this extra traffic to your advantage by selling your product/service either directly on your blog or on a website linked to your blog. This alone should be reason enough to launch a blog for a business.

#3) Easier For Customers To Find

A lesser-known benefit of business blogging is the simple fact that it makes your establishment easier for potential customers to find. Let’s face it, the old days of finding a business’s street address and phone number are long gone. Now, consumers use the Internet to locate this information. By maintaining an active blog, you’ll make your business transparent so it’s easier for potential customers to find. Just remember to include all of the pertinent information on your blog, such as the address, hours of operation, phone number, email address, etc.

#4) Showcase New Products

Business owners can also use their blog to showcase new products or services. Assuming your blog has a strong following, you can use it to draw attention to new products offered by your business. The next time your business adds a new product to its lineup, make a short post on your blog about it.

#5) Encourages Sharing

Blogs naturally encourage users to share the content on their social media networking sites/profiles. How does this benefit business owners? Well, sharing means more people will see your blog, which in turn drives traffic and sales. You can drive even more social shares by including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons on your blog.

John Arnott is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, technologist, and marketer. For over 20 years he has built organizations that depend on digital marketing channels for sustained growth. Mr. Arnott is the author of Content First Marketing and publishes the blog Https://whyistartedablog.com