shutterstock_95135899_smBeginning your own real estate business can seem daunting, but with social media at your fingertips, the task can become overwhelmingly simple and much different than the traditional real estate market. Many of the social media trends for business include making everyone knowledgeable about what you have to offer. Everything is at the fingertips of the consumer; as a successful realtor, you simply have to put it there.

Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent

While each state generally has varied requirements, the requirements for real estate training are generally the same. You have to be at least 18 – 21 years of age, depending on which state you live in. You must be a legal US resident. You will be required to complete a valid education course which meets each state’s requirements for mandatory education and then you must take and pass the state real estate license examination in order to receive your real estate licence. While the specifics are usually different, any state-approved real estate licensure course will meet the necessary guidelines. Check with the state licensing board for your state of residency to find out specific details.

Putting Your Expertise Online

The most important technical part of becoming a successful online realtor is taking the education and licensure that you have acquired and putting it to work online. The Internet has literally opened up the entire world as a potential customer. Gone are the days of traditional real estate markets with magazines and paper listings. Instead, real estate brokers have an entirely new market to engage. Rather than considering the real estate specific to the demographic, as an online realtor, you will now be able to consider your product relative to any consumer on the planet.

But how do you begin to make this prospect a reality? The answer is simple: social media. Now, for the time it takes to complete an afternoon project, you are able to create your own interactive website as well as your online presence, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social media sites. Potential buyers in Germany will be able to follow your listings daily with the click of a mouse. Curious possible buyers in Italy can do virtual tours on your website of any home or property that you are responsible for selling. And the cost of this Internet marketing campaign is trivial compared to the ultimate benefits.

Building Your Website

Creating your own personal online presence no longer requires the assistance and technical help of a computer specialist. Software programs available in one Google search allow you to choose from predetermined templates, insert pictures and videos, and even change colors and formats to suit your preference. The website should be an absolute showcase of not only your talents and expertise as a realtor but also of all current properties that you are selling.

Marketing Your Website Using Social Media

The best part of social media is that it’s free! And, a successful social media marketing campaign can reach thousands, even tens of thousands, of potential customers each day. Once you have a website, build a Facebook account and then post your website on that page. Send it to every person you can think of and invite them to “like” your page. Anyone who goes to their page will then be linked to your Facebook page. This method of spreading the word is simple and fast. Consider a greater campaign by including Twitter, Instagram, and other similar social media sites.

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