Why Customers Choose Your Business - Experts Weigh In

A question every small business owner should ask themselves is, “what gets my customers in the door?” Why exactly do customers choose my business? There are lots of reasons a customer could choose your businesses, but we found it often boiled down to three main options: customer service, competitive pricing, or the product/service itself. Of the entrepreneurs we asked, 50% think their customers choose their business due to their customer service. Product comes in at second at 43%, and price was dead last at .06%. We asked our small business experts to elaborate on why they think their customers choose them over competitors. Here’s what they had to say…

Stand out in your industry

“Product is the first reason why customers choose our business and why they buy our product we are the first adjustable barrel bolt lock worldwide in the hardware market, therefore we are an innovation, the Gravity friendly product. –Soribel Fernandez, ajustco

“My company sells maternity and babywearing 3-in-1 coats and jackets that also serve as a regular coat for a woman. The biggest draw has been the product itself because it is not currently found in the mainstream in the US and is stylish, novel and practical. We also strive to provide excellent customer service but the star of the show is the coat.” –Kat Dunams, Tasku Babi

“Our customers choose to buy our high-end salsa because of the rare Datil Pepper ingredient that we use, the aesthetic of our packaging, and the brand story of the 17th Century gourmand Fernando Del Viejo who came over with the Conquistadors to found Florida for Spain and protect the Spanish treasury that was once backed by Datil Peppers. Our salsa costs more than double of most other salsas, but our customers find so much value we have had much repeat business.” –Parker Stewart, Del Viejo Gourmet

Low prices

“Price is one of the main reasons customers choose our business. Most of my business is word of mouth so folks hear from their buds that a percentage of proceeds goes to pet rescue. Repeat customers come back because their pet often ends up on the business page. A shelter dog or cat is a model with something for sale, maybe someone’s foster. Their dog can get a low cost nail trim while shopping saving them a trip.”Pet Stuff Resale

“We have many long-term and repeat customers who enjoy doing business with us. There are two reasons our clients love us: First, our price is a flat hourly rate, and we are quite competitive for our industry. The second reason is the level of service we offer for this price. Our developers have more experience and a higher level of skill compared to those companies competing with us. We are able to offer a senior-level guru without exceeding our clients’ budgets. In the end money and budget becomes a big factor for every client.” –Mark Tuchscherer, Geeks Chicago

Outstanding customer service

“Customers choose our business for our outstanding customer service. We strive to provide individualized 24/7 services for each client, regardless of the many clients we have.” –Chaz Cervino, Today’s Business7

“My clients choose my company ultimately because of the level of service they receive. I own a Digital Marketing firm that serves small to medium size businesses. I work really hard to deliver detailed reporting that my clients can understand. Also, I have a quick response time with communication. 100% of my client base has come from referrals from existing clients so I think that says a lot. On one time projects I always ask for reviews which typically have the same sentiment. The high level of service is my main selling point.” –Lauren Edvalson, Edvalson Marketing LLC

Customers feel like they make a difference

“Our biggest draw and why people support us is the fact that we are coming out with the world’s safest PVC Free rubber duck. Our rubber duck is 100% made in our other new factory near Detroit with food and medical grade materials. It’s the only rubber duck a baby should ever teethe on. People will support you if they feel you are doing something unique and creative and making a difference at the same time!” –Craig Wolfe, CelebriDucks

“Our customers appreciate that we deeply love our furry friends and are a pet-friendly cafe, donating thousands each year to animal rescue non-profits.” –Bradly Gold, Black Dog Coffee

Entertainment (fun reason why customers choose your business)

“We opened Clue Quest Escape Rooms in June, 2015 as our interpretation of the latest entertainment genre that is sweeping North America at a frenzied pace. I would have to say that people come primarily for the product with price and service accounting for multiple return trips. The concept of being locked inside of a room, armed only with your wits to help you escape, is very challenging and appealing to many different types of people.” –Dan and Michelle Collier, Clue Quest

“Why do customers choose our our business? Because we’ve been making dreams come true for 22 incredible years. Incredible Adventures is perhaps best known for arranging Russian fighter jet adventures. We make it possible for virtually anyone to fly a legendary MiG-29 to over twice the height of Everest at more than 1000 mph. Our product offerings include the chance to dive with great white sharks, skydive Everest, pilot a submarine, train like a spy and more. Each of our high-adrenaline adventures allows an individual to be someone else…for a day, a week or longer. People can train like a cosmonaut at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow, fly a classic warbird like a World War II ace, drive a tank and more.”– Jane Reifert, Incredible Adventures, Inc.

Word of mouth

“As a professional speaker, I work with businesses and associations of all sizes. And our biggest draw? Personal recommendations and word of mouth. We do everything we can to do the best possible job for our present customers. There’s no marketing anywhere nearly as powerful as a satisfied client. Or as cheap. What’s more, our best clients are likely to recommend us to business that are similar to their own. So we get more the of customers we want the most. Word of mouth and repeat business keeps my calendar full. It also allows me to keep my fees down, since they cost me nothing.” –Barry Maher, Speaker/Author


“Our customers choose our business and stay because they know we’ve been where they are. Unlike other executive coaches, Enerpace coaches all have real world business experience. We’ve been where our clients are – in the board rooms and politics and downsizings and budgets that disappear. They don’t need to translate for us, because we’re business people too. We have the MBAs AND the coaching certification. Lots of other coaches are HR people who have never run a P&L, let alone one for $1B. We coach and mentor our clients to grow themselves, their team and their bottom line. We’ve done it. We help them do it.” –Elene Cafasso, Enerpace, Inc. Executive Coaching


“As avoice over talent, my clients initial come to me because they like what they hear on a generic demo of mine. Or, because I’ve done a custom audition for them which they liked. They come back to me again and again because I’m reliable and make their job easier, with no hassle.” –Jason McCoy, Voice Over Talent


“Parents choose SpeechWorks because we bring personalized speech-language therapy services to children in their home, daycare center or afterschool program. By providing this convenience, parents do not have to worry about interrupting another child’s naptime, being on time to an appointment, or traffic.” –Jann Fujimoto, SpeechWorks LLC