A fear of failure can be paralytic, especially to a small business owner or would-be entrepreneur. It means losing all the time, effort, energy, and money risked on an enterprise. But what if someone said that failure was a good thing? That, in fact, feelings of failure and defeat carry the true key to success?

Our good friend Fran Tarkenton argues exactly that in his new book “The Power of Failure“. TarkentonBookFran Tarkenton is no stranger to failing – he helped bring the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl three times during the 1970’s, and each time lost. After turning to business, the first two companies he founded eventually folded. But he didn’t allow himself to be engulfed by that failure and now, as CEO of Tarkenton Companies, is a wildly successful entrepreneur.

Failure, he posits, is a gift that brings incredible power. In “The Power of Failure” Tarkenton shares never-before told stories of his time in the NFL, and the personal, occasionally painful, moments he experienced. Through his own hard-learned lessons and invaluable advice given to him from friends and mentors like Sam Walton and Bernie Marcus, Tarkenton lays out the myths and truths of failure, and how to follow through to success.

The Power of Failure” is absolutely brimming with great, practical advice like how to control the uncontrollable, own your losses, commit to your work, and understand the true purpose of business. Failure may be a stumbling block, but he proves it doesn’t have to be the end of something great, as long as you keep on learning.

Our CEO Deborah Sweeney and everyone in the office who has read “The Power of Failure” recommend it highly. You can order it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, Indiebound, and other online booksellers.