Why you Need a Time Counting Tool on your Business Website

Websites that are created to promote and generate business online utilize various tools and plug-ins to create the best user experience. With the competitive nature of e-commerce, creating a great first impression is crucial to keep your customers. Internet users are known to be quite impatient, and with the numerous options available out there, they can easily navigate from your website to your competitor’s site if they do not like what they see. One of the ways to create a great user experience is through providing a time counting tool that can tell the time now and in many other cities around the world.

Time calculators and online clocks come in handy for websites that deal with international products and services, business and financing. You can install the following to your website.

An embeddable JavaScript Time: you can use HTML code to embed the JavaScript timer into a convenient part of your website. These timers often come in a variety of colors and designs. Your online audiences can use the timers to time activities such as online tests and quizzes. It allows them to keep an eye on the clock conveniently while doing such tasks online.

An embeddable JavaScript Clock: this is a live clock that internet users can tell the current time from. There are various settings to use that make the clock much more customized to your website.

A calendar: many people often remember the actual date of the day after confirming it somewhere. With busy and demanding lifestyles, sometimes it may be difficult to keep track of the date. Internet users love free tools that make their life easier. A calendar on your website will definitely be a welcome addition.

Why you need a time counting feature

The following are some of the reasons why these time counting additions could be useful to your online business.

  • Rather than manually trying to calculate the time in various parts of the world, your audiences can use an online time calculator to find the exact time in various parts of the world. It is a convenient and useful feature that your web users will love if you are reaching out to people around various parts of the world.
  • Adding events to your calendar is a great way to remind users about special dates such as the beginning or end of an online sale. When your customer logs on to the page, they will remember exactly when they need to be online to be part of the great sale.

Traffic to your website also increases when you have such convenient time tools. More traffic is driven to your website and you can have a larger audience to address with your company products and services. It is also a great new revenue opportunity from other businesses that want to provide the content on your website. You can make some money by adding these convenient features to your website’s design.