How to Leverage Webinars for Content Marketing

Nowadays, companies all over the world are increasingly using webinars for hosting online meetings, workshops, lectures, presentations and training events. Such web conferences eliminate the necessity for travel, thus saving you money and time. In addition, they allow you to reach participants anywhere in the globe.

However, many companies make the mistake of approaching webinars as one-off events. The fact is that the material from your webinars can come in handy in many different ways for your content marketing strategy.

Here are some of the ways you can make the most of your webinars:

  1. Break the recording into sections

Webinars are usually lengthy events, at times even running for several hours. Therefore, every time you host a web conference record a webinar, be sure you record it. Modern webinar platforms allow you to record your events. You can then later download the recording on your computer and split it into different sections. It would be advisable to convert the clips to user-friendly formats such as mp4 or flv. The various sections can then be offered as a series on your blog or to your email subscribers.

  1. Offer an on-demand version

The fact is that not all the people that registered for your webinar will actually attend it. At times, the attendance rate could even be as low as 30%. However, even of a registrant fails to attend the webinar, the fact that they signed up shows that they are interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, you need to leverage on this interest by offering an on-demand version to all the people who missed it. This will allow them to access the entire webinar at a time that is convenient.

  1. Re-purpose the webinar

There are many ways in which you can re-purpose your webinar. First, you could write summaries based on the webinar and offer them as a series of blog posts or email newsletters. Alternatively, you could create an eBook using the materials in the webinar. You can add some life to your text by including screenshots from the webinar. Don’t forget to include links to the actual recording within your text.

  1. Create a follow-up Q&A post

During webinars, participants usually ask a wide range of questions regarding the subject matter. Most webinar platforms come with chat logs where such questions are recorded. You can use these questions to create a Q&A blog post where comprehensive answers are provided. Alternatively, you could create short videos offering answers to every question asked.

  1. Use statistics and quotes as social media posts

Statistics and quotes from your webinar can come in very handy especially for sharing on social media networks such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook. Besides sharing such snippets in form of plain text, you could also use tools such as Pinwords or Quozio to create attractive image quotes. This is likely to generate more engagement from your social media followers and fans.

Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who writes for TechBlogKe. You can follow him on Twitter @techblogke.