How Social Media Activity Promotes Your Business SEO Activities

There are three things that businesses cannot afford to lack nowadays and they are related to each other. The first one is a website. You cannot do without a website in this day and era. The second one is a social media account- actually several social media accounts. Thirdly, you cannot afford to do without search engine optimization services today. SEO is the reason why some businesses are very successful and others are not all that successful. To some extent the search engines run your business. They decide who is going to get to the top of their results pages and who will lag behind.

It is not really a discriminative as it sounds. It is all about following the principles of SEO and doing the work that needs to be done. In this day and era, everyone understands the power of social media. There is no way you are going to perform well in business if you choose to ignore social media. There is no marketer who is worth their salt that ignores social media. This is because the power that social media packs within it is immense.

Social media for your business

When you decide to start a business, you should get that business a website and/or a blog. The internet is home to all the information that people require. People are doing online marketing for a reason and that is the numbers that are on the worldwide web. At any given moment in time there are hundreds of millions of people who are connected to the internet all over the world. You can only imagine how much attention your business is going to earn when you have an online presence. The first step to being noticed online is to have the website or blog.

The second step is usually to promote it. Some of the world’s biggest brands continue to grow in popularity simply because of social media. A good number of these brands have pages that are dedicated to them only. For instance it is not uncommon to find a fan page for your favorite soda or celebrity. It is such pages that get the brands more exposure and get them to the top of the search engines.

Indeed social media can help you immensely when you decide to start your SEO campaigns. Since the business website cannot do without being optimized for the search engines, you have to explore all the avenues that will help to market social media. One of these avenues is social media.

How does it help your business SEO activities?

The ways in which SEO campaigns benefit from social media are just so many. These include:

  1. Direct traffic

One of the aspects that are considered when ranking a website on the search engines is the amount of traffic that it is receiving that is the popularity of the website. Popular stories and articles posted on social media platforms attract a large amount of traffic which is perfect for gaining exposure for the brand. When you create content for our website, simply share out with the world and let them know through social media. The links you post on social media websites are very important for SEO.

They not only bring in the traffic but they are of great value. Usually webmasters and publishers turn to social media websites to get references. If you have many indirect links to your site, then this is good for your website. You are guaranteed that you will have a growing following.

  1. Direct links help the indexing process

Social media websites are also beneficial thanks to the direct SEO links that they provide. While a majority of these links consist of the no-follow tag, some of them do not or they take it off in the case of articles that receive a particular value of votes. Then again, social media websites are constantly being crawled by the search engines. Any links on them usually help the search robots to find and index new website pages faster.

  1. High ranking potential of social media pages

Social media websites have a high ranking potential and a high domain authority. As such a majority of the pages that are on these websites include profiles are likely to be ranked for various keywords. This in turn creates multiple search listings for a brand. In other words, you might search for a keyword that is related to your website but then in the results the company profile ranks better than the website.

  1. Detailed search results

The content that you post on social media can be integrated in search results. Google and Bing are undeniably the biggest search engines currently. Every single day they are working to incorporate useful content other than plain links into the search results. They will add map listings, videos, images and even business reviews on the SERPs of many keywords. These search engines use the social media sits to get the content that they can incorporate into the search results.

  1. Cheap marketing strategy

Social media marketing is such a real deal nowadays. People are using social media platforms for marketing purposes and they are doing so on overdrive. This is probably because it is a very effective way to reach out to target audience and it is also by far cheaper than other marketing options. While you will pay millions to advertise in a newspaper or television you will pay a fraction of that for social media marketing. So, while you are in the business of promoting your business on social media, you will also be improving your website’s ranking on the search engines.

Leonard Pratt is a digital marketer by profession and blogger on SEO matters by accident. He loves his job which generally involves guiding brands to the top of their league and writing about the latest and finest SEO Company in New Jersey