How to Improve the Outcome of your Press Releases

To a great majority of people, especially those that are not business-oriented, a press release is nothing but a simple way to gain publicity. That might be true, but it is of great value to anyone looking to expand his business to greater heights.

Not every press release that reaches the media is published or aired. A good reporter believes in creating not just informative but also interesting and eye-catching stories. Therefore, if there is no story to your story, then your press release might be declined which won’t help your growing business.

To help grow and expand your small business, here are four techniques that you can use to improve the outcome of your press releases:

Find a reputable service.  

Find an authentic and renowned press release distribution service. Your press releases might be good but that doesn’t guarantee them the lime light they deserve. To ensure that all your press releases get the attention intended, find an authentic PR distribution service.  Good distribution means huge returns on your investment. What is even more exciting is that some distribution firms have the power to get your release as one of the top Google searches.

Keep an eye on your website traffic.

If you have a running website, ensure that your website attracts regular traffic. When your website is popular, chances that your press releases will be recognized are very high. One of the smartest strategies for gaining traffic to your website is to properly utilize SEO. Therefore, if you don’t fully know the ins and outs of SEO, get a qualified SEO expert to help take you and your business to the next level.

Use keywords.

You can also optimize your press release with relevant keywords. When people search for things on the internet, they typically type in one or two “key words.”  Do the research and find out what relevant key words coincide with your business. What are your customers searching for?

Write efficiently.

Make your press release easy-to-read, short, straight-to-the-point and, above all, memorable. When drafting your press release, you should minimize fluffiness and the use of jargon vocabulary. Simplify your language as much as possible but do not stray away from professionalism when doing so. If your press releases attract traffic, your business will gain popularity in no time.

Mark Kennedy is an SEO expert and a content writer for online publications. In his four years of working with Mosaico, Mark has managed to publish good content for business owners both locally and internationally. For more business related topics go to his blog.