10 Tips For Redesigning your Marketing Calendar

In this post we’ll be talking about some tips that can help in making an efficient and effective marketing calendar for marketing executives.

  1. Build a productive strategic goal

In marketing, strategy framing is the most fundamental job in every organization. A well-built strategy with a particular goal helps to enhance the work and deliver productive results. There can be different types of strategies adopted by an organization. The purpose of strategy building is just to execute something new in the market with proper planning and orientation. A marketing campaign always demands a structured strategy for a better end result. A calendar helps to make a proper schedule of the strategy and also keeps a record for future reference. Behind the success of every marketing strategy, a marketing calendar plays a very important and dominating role.

  1. Organize the calendar according to your channel

There are variable channels of marketing which are all put into work at different intervals. Some of the most common and used channels are direct selling, third party selling, dual distribution, and reverse channel sale. So in order to organize all these vehicles in a proper format, a marketing calendar is essential for a company. Any channel of sales adopted by a company can be noted down in the calendar with proper information so that the working becomes easy and an overall flow is maintained.

  1. Setting the Calendar right for an easy access

The calendar should be built in such a way that everyone in the marketing team can access it. The process of marketing is all about teamwork. Each and every member of a team should have access to the marketing calendar. The entire calendar design should be simple so that it becomes easy to read and make changes according to the plans.

  1. Build an easy to use and simple looking calendar

The calendar should be made simple and easy to use. This is one of the most important criteria which every marketing professional should understand. An easy to use calendar can enhance the working. A marketing calendar mainly helps in organizing various marketing events over time. Therefore, applying a simple process in making the calendar will actually help the employees to work easily and freely.

  1. Check your content and keep developing your calendar

The marketing team should continuously update the content of the calendar for proper working. A marketing calendar should not remain with stale content. According to the company’s marketing structure, it should be edited and get replaced with new content in order to keep a proper workflow. New methods should be implemented by the marketing team in order to develop the calendar from every angle. This process of creating new things can enhance the feasibility of making new marketing plans.

  1. Plan a marketing theme

A thematic marketing calendar is the most innovative approach towards building a marketing strategy. A company can structure the calendar based on a particular theme. This theme can be highly changeable- sometimes monthly, or on different occasions. The need for this thematic presentation is to adjust the marketing process according to the various occasions which take place in a consumer’s life. For example, giving offers or discounts at various occasions, and lending out free items are some of the ways which can be chalked out in this calendar. It should be done so that while implementing, things becomes easy for the team as everything is already established in a well framed thematic calendar.

  1. Conduct a research on the cycle of marketing

Research in marketing is very important for a better result. Every organization should undergo a research in order to know their status in the market along with the competitor. So, in marketing, research is done in a different format which is altogether a different subject to deal with. Over here, a marketing calendar is very useful in the research work. After completing the research work, the team can build up the calendar based on the result. This will help the company to maintain its stability in the market and also perform in a better manner.

  1. Make a proper marketing plan

A proper marketing plan is the most fundamental need for every organization to stabilize its marketing wing. The planning will eventually help the company to increase its business. The approach of the plan should be feasible enough to earn a good profit and also a better image in the market. Here the marketing calendar plays a very important role. The calendar can be used to note down some essential points of the plan which are the main focus of the company. The people in the marketing department can follow this calendar while on a new plan or strategy.

  1. Choosing a proper format is very important

A proper format in a marketing calendar is very important. The format should be according to the organization’s marketing plan. One of the essential things that should be maintained while choosing a format is to build a proper spreadsheet for accumulating large data. Apart from this, the format should be very much flexible. The market is a highly unpredictable place where there is no chance of being stationary. In order to contemplate this changing scene, a marketing calendar should be changed over time according to the need. Therefore, flexibility is highly demanded in order to build a proper workable calendar.

  1. Record your data in the marketing calendar

This also works as a system for data recording. Every marketing data can be stored in this calendar. Based on the data, every plan and strategy can be made by the team. Recording of data is not really a complicated process. A person can notify all the statistical measurement in this calendar so that there comes no obstacle while retrieving. The data is basically sales figures which are important and play a major role in business development.

Every organization should frame a proper marketing calendar so as to enhance the power and vitality of a marketing strategy. This calendar is one of the biggest tools for executing every strategy that gets applied over time. One can’t induce any marketing plan without a calendar. It is necessary to introduce a calendar for proper work on marketing. The above-mentioned ten tips will definitely guide you in starting a productive calendar for work.