4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business’s Social Media Bio

Many times your social media bio will be the first impression you make on clients. But unlike a website, Social Media doesn’t give you much room to explain your product. Without access to tabs, folders, pricing sections, or demos—selling your product, might more difficult, but not impossible. Here are four ways you can improve your social media profiles and send more people to your website.


  1. Directional Queues

Leadpages wrote an article discussing one of their highest performing landing pages they’ve ever used. In the article, Leadpages claims that one of the major keys to the page’s performance is the attractive woman looking in the direction of the CTA button.

While it might be impossible to fit an attractive looking lady in your social media bio, you can place a few emoji’s that point directly to your intended landing page. The example picture below is from Bookly’s Instagram Account, but the same technique can be used with Twitter.



  1. Call to Action

What good is a directional queue without a good call to action? Don’t just place your link below your bio, treat your social media profile as you would a promotional email. Think of a strong and simple call to action that leads to a landing page with phrases like “visit, check out, try, claim your free…”


  1. Landing Page

Speaking of landing pages, you should definitely leverage them to create targeted offers. Promoting a webinar? Make the link in your bio point to it. Want to add an offer as your CTA? Create a specially designed landing page for your followers to reward them for their engagement

Don’t be afraid to use a promotional post around a specific product and change the link in your bio to a page directly highlighting that product. Just because most social media platforms only give you one link, doesn’t mean you can’t change it often.


  1. One Link to Rule Them All


via Linktree

By now, you know that Instagram allows you only one link. Now, chances are your website has a bit more than one link, maybe you’ve got different products, categories, blogs, or informational sections. Wouldn’t it be nice if your followers could choose one of these categories right away?

Thanks to Linktree, you can. Linktree is basically a “link profile” which allows you to organize and highlight various links by category.

Austin Miller is Head of Marketing for the online bookkeeping service Bookly. When he’s not helping entrepreneurs learn how to automate their finances, he’s busy working on his latest fantasy adventure novel.