Experts Weigh In: How do you show love to your customers?

Welcome to our second post in the “How do you show love” series! Today we’re finding out how our small business experts show love to their customers. If you missed last week’s, “How do you show love to your employees?” post, you can catch up here.

1. “I discover their passion and favorite things and all throughout the year provide tips, events and information to help them with their areas of interest. (For ex: if they are actors or actresses, will send them over casting opportunities and red carpet event invites. If authors or entrepreneurs will load them up with insight and information to assist in expanding their business). 

I see myself as a resource person but many others believe I’m a network queen! I just know a lot of folks. I’m quick to refer, share their business and assist them in obtaining a new client or business opportunity. 

I appreciate and love my customers by not only providing top notch first rate service but it extends far beyond the deal. Most of my customers have become friends for life! I start off helping them but many times find myself catering to their family members as well. 

By being their biggest cheerleader! If they are good, I tell the world. I let everyone know. I stand behind them and support them 100%.” –Chantay Bridges, TruLine Realty

2. “My company is a swimwear line, made in particularly for those who have gone through breast cancer. I love to take care of my clients especially since I know what they have gone through, being a breast cancer survivor as well. When they purchase a swimsuit from my site I usually handwrite a thank you note to them and include it in the box. This day and age no one can ever meet the owner of a company so I feel it adds a personal touch. 

I think that is one of my most valuable tips: to treat the client well and allow them to feel like I do appreciate their business, because without them my business would not exist.” –Dana Dinerman, Hulabelle Swimwear

3. “After brainstorming we came up with an idea to tap into our customer’s soul through their pets. When a homeowner signs up for our service we gather information on if they have pets, and if so what are their names. We do this so our lawn vendors know to be careful when entering the lawn. 

We decided we could use this info about our customer to send a personalized gift to our customers’ pet, addressed to them. 

This really wowed our customers; we received personal thank you notes, videos of their dog chewing the bone we sent posted to FB and thank you tweets, it worked really well for the time and money we invested.” –Bryan Clayton, GreenPal

4. “We are lucky to be part of customers’ lives during some of their most happy times. But, they are also under time stress with a big event looming and often on tight budgets. Ways we show our love: 
– all of our communication shows excitement on being part a small of their journey and voicing our happiness for them. 
– have a service mindset: understand their priorities, be super responsive, provide a human designer safety net. 
– give them little extras that go above and beyond (stickers to close envelopes, money envelopes etc). Little surprises for them.” –Rohini Chakravarthy, Inksedge

5. “We like to show our customers appreciation by sharing images of them on our social media platforms like Facebook. We encourage our customers to send us pictures of themselves wearing our clothing, and have even featured customers on our blog before! We find that this gets a great reception and that many customers have even been motivated to pursue modelling careers after being featured on our blog.” –Max Robinson, A Hume Country Clothing   

6. “I run a wedding video production business. We hand write Holiday cards to our industry friends and upcoming wedding couples. On our couples’ one year anniversary, we send a bottle of wine and handwritten note to them.” –Michael J. Harris, Massive Multimedia LLC

7. “We cannot sell our products online but we have so many fans, patients and consumers of our products online- we have to keep in touch with them by letting them know where we’ll be to appreciate them 🙂 We have an energetic team of about 20 throughout the state, that host customer/patient days at medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives that carry our brand (We’re in +400 shops).” –Courtney Capellan, Jetty Extracts

8. “I generally show my appreciation for my clients with fun Christmas gifts. For the men, I usually buy toys. For the women, I usually buy things like scarves, or toys, depending on the client. 

Then, as always, throughout the year, I do my job earnestly and with honestly and integrity, and I try to never let them down.” –Robert Barrows, R.M. Barrows, Inc.

9. “We have been in business for almost six years and try to find ways to show our customers love daily. We host free family-friendly events often to shower our customers with love and appreciation. In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness day on February 17th we are holding a Kindness Event in our boutique where guests will receive free kindness swag bags filled with goodies from our store and other local businesses. We also provide free services that day and have a play area that is open to visiting kids for free play. 

We also hold a free craft and play event every Saturday to show our customers how much we care about them and give them an opportunity to get out of the house as a family and do something free and fun. 

Whenever I have an opportunity to show love to our customers I will do so. I am so grateful for their support each and every day and I do my very best to let them know that, whether it is in the form of a free event, free gifts, or just a simple note or email reaching out and telling them thank you for being you and supporting Little Miss Everything.” –Renae Gonzalez, Little Miss Everything

10. “Here are two ways I show love to my customers:

*Gift Certificates* can be designed for ANY business to achieve any objective. Smartly, they can be distributed exactly as desired. Costs almost always are less than broad advertising, expect $4.00 in sales for each dollar redeemed. 

*Fee refund *of say, 20% of earned fees from a client sold from the referral information. Such (20%) payable up to the total amount the referring source had paid for services provided to it. Works well for service industry sales.” –Jim Herst, Perceptive Selling Initiative, Inc.

11. “We send a personal thank you note to every new customer, and encourage them to reach out to us for anything extra we can do for them. These are notes that I write by hand and send every Friday, not just some stock letter that’s automatically printed and stamped. The response has been great, too, especially when we follow up by doing extra for our customers. People actually do care when you’re personal and human.” –Kenneth Burke, Text Request

12. “I give gifts in the form of products and services as well as skin care/beauty and health products since my target are women business owners. I had a conference recently and gave everyone who came a small gift bag with Satin Hands from Mary Kay.” –Angel Santos, Grow My Brand

13. “Showing appreciation and love for clients is easy when you genuinely caring for them. Our clients are considered to be our extended family.” –Spencer Provow, David Adams Wealth Group

14. “I will occasionally send a free product on their birthday. I’ll also visit their social media site and leave a kind message.” –Zondra Wilson, Blu Skin Care, LLC

15. “As a business owner in the window installation industry, I have found that the best way to show deep appreciation to a customer is to send a $20 Starbucks giftcard. I work with my clients 1 on 1 for long periods of time and I really want to show them that I am not just a company, but a friend. What better way can I achieve this than by sending a giftcard for coffee? I have had numerous customers talk with me on the phone to schedule a friendly reunion. And guess where all of them were? At a Starbucks. It is truly great to be able to socialize with my clients after I am done doing business with them. All of my customers are people, and they should be treated more than just a dollar sign.” –Patrick Aniol, Friendly Windows

16. “The following are the ways that I show love to my clients: 

– Send handwritten thank you cards to show my appreciation for the privilege of working with them on such personal topics. 
– Emails after they have reached a difficult goal reminding them to look back on all the work that they’ve done. 
– Gift them Gratitude Care Packages containing items that not only show my appreciation for them, but also support them in their own gratitude/abundance practices. 
Huludet birthday discounts to local and participating vendors 
– Bring in experts to speak during wellness workshops 
– Hold free webinars on popular topics 
– Gift relevant books that may be helpful to a client’s process 
– Ask company leaders for any specific connections they’d like to have to further grow their business and find it for them!” –Jessica May Tang, Damon Wellness Consulting

17. “We show love to our customers by including a hand written thank you note when we ship our website orders. (A lot of times from me, the Founder, myself.) We don’t use one of those fake handwriting machines either! It’s the real deal! I have the writer’s cramp to prove my love!” –Laura McGuire, Hipstik Legwear

18. “We take care of our customers by sharing their testimonial then giving them a discount for it. We let them know that whatever they think about us matters so much that we are willing to give them a discount because of it.” –Daisy Jing, Banish

19. “The best way to show a customer love is performing, and picking up their calls at 11 PM at night when they are freaking out. Second to that, though, we love randomly sending them presents. That means sending them exclusive wine, – or in some cases, getting food delivered to their location for the entire team out of the blue. It definitely confuses them, but they love it and appreciate the gesture from us!” –Max Soni, DotComSEO

20. “Logistics is a complicated business. Because there are so many moving parts, even a company with a spectacular error rate will still encounter its fair share of issues. By going beyond our service description and doing whatever we can to help our customers, that’s how we show love.” –Augie Kennady, ShipMonk

21. “Advanced Insurance Designs, Inc. is all about our customers and our community. We often give away tickets for local events and host raffles where the proceeds benefit a local organization.” –Sarah M Haun, Advanced Insurance Designs, Inc.

22. “We like to truly surprise and wow one customer a week. This means delighting one customer in such a way that he or she will have a great story to tell family and friends. An example of this could be covering a customer’s cost for a particular transaction or offering a well-timed freebie. If you’d like a more generic gesture, you can’t go wrong with sending a box of freshly baked cookies to the customer’s office.” –Vitaliy Verbenko, Helprace

23. “The saying “The customer is always right” isn’t always true, especially in today’s world. However, when I receive a complaint, I try to put myself in the customer’s shoes, so to speak. I am a consumer, too, so how would I want to be treated in a similar situation. Showing compassion and understanding can go a long way!” –Ann Johnson, All You Naturally

24. “One of the biggest things we’ve been having success with is offering free value added gifts with every purchase. For example, we add a free skin care secrets e-book with every Purity purchase. We spent countless hours and a fair bit of money researching and authoring the e-book. We also encourage customers to print and share it with friends and family. 

We also always approve returns with no questions asked — we want the customers to feel as least friction as possible.” –Shawn Hussain, Purity Natural Beauty LLC

25. “Since the majority of our client-base is close by, we thank our customers by mailing them redeemable vouchers for other local businesses like our small town ice cream parlor or gourmet popcorn store. Not only do our customer’s feel really appreciated, but this simple way of saying thanks also encourages their interaction with the community by visiting the storefronts. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers about the coupons, so if you’re looking for a way to acknowledge your appreciate towards clients, this is a method I’d highly recommend.” –Kornel Kurtz, WebTek Computer Company

26. “We at Leadfeeder offer training to all our users, even free lite users. We’ll of course educate them on our tool but also give other tips and ideas for their digital marketing. We are now investigating new ways to develop our user feedback while the old system only gave us 5/5 – our users love it! 

We believe our users choose Leadfeeder not because of features but because we can help their business grow. We feel our mission is to make our customers shine.” –Ottomatias Peura, Leadfeeder

27. “We show appreciation and love in the following ways: 

1)Setting up Google Alerts on customers and being sure to throw shout outs on social media when we learn of their successes. 
2) Inviting them to special events and partnership perks we secure in our business. 
3) Sending nice tokens of gifts around holidays and throughout the year. Could be something small like a bottle of wine or some cool new office swag.. 
4) Including them in our community events as speakers and contributors to our blog. We particularly want to pay recognition to customers who are truly exceptional in their role and industry. 
5) Being sure to grab coffee and drinks on the regular to get to know them as peers rather than a business transaction. We’ve made so many great friends from our own customer community. 
6) Dropping by their office and spending time with them in their line of work. This helps us get to know their business better and see how they use our product and services.” –Jordan Wan, CloserIQ

28. “I typically show love to my customers by giving them free offers when I can. For example, I often buy bundles of gift cards and send some to my customers that I had a good relationship with. This typically helps me build a strong customer base.” –AJ Saleem, Suprex Tutors Houston

29. “The way that we show love to our clients is by calling them to thank them for using our services. We also answer each call personally and return calls promptly. 

We remember special things about them and do our best to send gifts when appropriate. When we can, we find out from their reservation record where they are dining and have the restaurant send a special treat. 

We also treat each customer as they are our favorite because without them we would not exist! We know there are many options for child care so we are constantly evolving and showing appreciation.” –Rachel Charlupski, The Babysitting Company

30. “At TD we believe that banking is about passion and caring. We believe people deserve a Human Bank. We show customers the love through the little extras: longer hours, real people answering the phones 24/7/365, free pens, lollipops – and even dog biscuits for your favorite pet. And we care about the same causes our customers do and we are invested in making a positive, lasting impact in the communities we share and love.” –Kathleen Bentley, Prosek Partners

31. “At Cocoweb, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We offer support 24 hours a day on the phone and over email, and our live sales and customer care agents are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. Whether you need some design advice, have a question about an order you placed, or even just need some suggestions for picking a product that’s right for you, our friendly customer care agents are always there to help!” –Vu Tong, Cocoweb

32. “Some of the best ways I show love to my customers is holding giveaways, free coaching sessions, offering advice and tips in response to their comments on my page or elsewhere, being there for them if they reach out, and providing quality content.” –Bonnie McConaughy, Inspire the Best You

33. “The best way I’ve found to show customer appreciation is to personally meet the owners and get to know them. I have personally visited our clients in many countries like Sweden, Uruguay, Indonesia, UK, US and Canada. Each client was very appreciative to have me visit, show interest in their business and to get to know them personally. That has evolved normal clients into life-long clients.” –Kean Graham, MonetizeMore

34. “The best way to show love to your customer is through a writing a personalized message, thank you note and possibly a post card. Customer will be overwhelmed to receive such token of appreciation from an online company because it requires time, energy and good intentions to show such care. Their trust and loyalty will increase and it will also help in getting more leads through reference as most likely the receiver will brag about it in his or her social circle. Another positive expectation can be that the customer will place another order very soon. 

Social Media is great platform to recognize, appreciate and show love to customers. It’s a very efficient way to develop and maintain relationship with customers. A personalized post, tweet is a nice way to delight customers. Tagging them in your brand’s official tweet will develop sense of pleasure as well as increase the customer engagement and follow-ship. Share your customer’s tweet or post on your company page, it will honor them publicly. Another great way to show love to your customer is by using their photos or messages (with permission) in your marketing campaign and give credit for it. This will be the best way to develop a loyal and repeated customer.” –Danyal Effendi, PureVPN

35. “I built The Markey Group on the foundation of exceptional customer service, so that is first and foremost the most important way that we show love and appreciation to our customers. In addition to that, we offer usable giveaways like the water bottle attached, which keeps cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours, and warm drinks warm for up to 12 hours! We have access to over 700,000 promotional products, and help our customers choose items that will go the distance for their brand.” –Rachel Ekey, The Markey Group

36. “Interaction is a key component of our business; we supply interactive photo booths to our clients for their events, and for this reason, we go the extra mile to interact with our customers in person and on social media. In fact, we come equipped with tablets to give our customers the chance to upload their pictures to social media as soon as they have been taken, which we then comment on and share. We are able to personalise each photo booth experience to our customers’ personal tastes and interests, so they are always keen to get sharing on social to show off their event.” –Matt Franks, DreamBooth

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