How to Keep Your Employees from Facing Burnout [INFOGRAPHIC]

In previous years, an employee’s priorities were determined by physical and material needs. Today, it’s the quality of work life that greatly impacts their perception of a professional career and helps avoid employee burnout.

Keeping employees happy and satisfied has become more and more important for in the workplace. However, burnout from stress still remains an issue. Many employees have left their jobs because exhaustion and frustration started overweighing the positive aspects about their career. But contrary to popular opinion, burnout doesn’t simply result from workload pressure or too many working hours. In most cases, employees are complaining about a lack of managerial support.

This infographic from our friends at Market-Inspector details how businesses can create positive work environments so that their employees can keep from burning out and succeed in the long run, allowing businesses to retain their best talent.

How to Keep Your Employees from Burning Out