13 Writing and Editing Tools to Create Engaging Blog Content for Your Business

Driving readers to your blog is just one obstacle you’ll have to overcome. Once they land on your page, getting them to stay is a whole other issue. These days, the average attention span has plummeted to a dismal 8 seconds. What this means is that, if you’ve worked hard to get those eyes onto your blog, you’ve got to work even harder to keep them there with engaging, interesting and informative content. Lose their attention, and they’ll move on – so keep them interested with the help of these writing and editing tools, so all of your hard work won’t be wasted.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Of course you want your topics to be interesting for your readers, but sometimes it’s just difficult to think of new things to write about. Writer’s block can put a total halt to any creative progress, so when you’re trying to keep your content updated regularly, this can completely paralyze your blog. Let the Blog Topic Generator think of some ideas for you to get the creativity flowing once again.

TweakYourBiz Title Generator

It all begins with a great title – that’s what is going to grab your reader’s attention and get them to click and keep reading. So, don’t lose them before they even get started – snag their attention right away with a catchy title, using the help of this Title Generator.

Portent Title Maker

This quirky title idea generator puts together funny headlines that you can use directly or draw some inspiration from. A fun title is always a great way to grab some attention, and this title maker is definitely able to help create a few of those for you!


For expertly written content, sometimes you just need to hire a pro to get the job done. The EssayRoo writing team is staffed with vetted professionals who are waiting to help you create your content or edit what you’ve already written. It’s always better to have your work proofread by a real person before publishing it, because real eyes can catch mistakes that computer eyes may not.


You should always be aiming to put your best written product forward, and ensuring that the grammar and punctuation is flawless is a part of that process. Check out the library of guides at Academized for some help in figuring out even the trickiest grammar questions.

Hemingway App

Don’t turn off your readers with a page full of spelling, grammar and other errors. You want them to trust that you know what you’re talking about, and having flawless written content is your first step in gaining that trust. The Hemingway App will sort your errors by color, making it easy to pick out what is an absolute mistake that must be changed, and what is a stylistic suggestion.

Readability Score

Meet your readers at their level of comprehension – go too high and they’ll tune out, but go too low and you won’t be taken seriously. See where your content lands on the readability scale, to see if it’s perfectly meeting the level your readers are at.

Boom Essays

Keeping up with writing all of the content you’ll need on a continual basis can get quite tiring and time consuming. Outsourcing that work to an expert at Boom Essays will free up your time to focus on expanding and improving other areas of your online presence. You can also rest assured that you’ll always receive premium quality written content from one of the expert team members.


If the creativity is flowing freely, and you’re on a writing roll, you won’t want to interrupt things to check for grammar, punctuation or stylistic errors. That’s where ProWritingAid becomes super handy – because you’re able to download it directly to your device and use it within your word processor. That means your work will be edited as you type, with real time suggestions being made. So, there’s no need to stop and move into another program to edit, when you can do it all in one swoop.

Assignment Help

Don’t get caught, or even accused of plagiarism. It will completely destroy your credibility, even if it’s later shown to be untrue. Know and understand the different types of plagiarism and how to avoid them by referencing the guides as Australian Help.


Live corrections are a breeze in this powerful editing software. Downloaded right to the device you’re working on, Ginger lets you get more done, by acting as a one stop shop for all of your writing needs. Grammar checker, dictionary, sentence rephrasing and translation into more than 50 languages is all at your fingertips. Plus, colorful personalization options make sitting down to write even more fun.

Easy Word Count

Take control over the length of your blog content with the help of this accurate Easy Word Counter. If you’re working within certain limitations, even when it comes to character count and characters with blank spaces, this handy tool will precisely tally up everything for you. Even if you don’t have strict limitations to follow, you’ll want to make sure your posts are long enough, but not too long that they’ll lose your readers’ attention. A good length is between 2,000 and 2,500 words, which is the length of the majority of top ten Google ranked sites in any subject.

UK Writings

If you’ve hit a brick wall with ideas, or you just don’t have the time to dedicate to writing high quality content that your readers will love, you can always enlist the help of UK Writings. Top notch writing is always guaranteed, so you can work on other things and let someone else take care of the written content. Rest assured, it will always be completely original stuff.

Getting readers to your blog may take some work, but once you’ve put in that work and they’ve landed on your page, don’t let your hard work go to waste! Keep them engaged with amazing content, so they stick around to keep reading, and so they keep coming back for more.

Gloria Kopp is an educator and a business consultant with a passion for writing, marketing and writing about marketing. She is a regular contributor to such websites as HuffingtonPost, Engadget, and many others.