Business Leadership: How To Become A Top Manager Regardless Of Your Field

When it comes to being a top manager in the company you work for, the field of work you are involved in does not define what it means to have good management skills. For this reason, many experienced managers find it easy to change industries and still walk into top-level management positions. In fact, having management experience in multiple fields of work makes it easier for these individuals to enter a new field of employment. Understanding the central duties of a manager makes this possible. Therefore, if you want to be a top manager in your field of employment, then here are a few management skills you will need to develop along the way.

Know Your Team

The key to being an effective manager in any field boils down to having a firm grasp of the people you are managing. Like a master chess player who knows how to properly use every piece on the chessboard, you must have a firm grasp of which person in your team is the best person for each task you are trying to accomplish. Getting the right people doing the right tasks is central to demonstrating true management skill. You may even want to utilize things like emotional intelligence to be able to improve your leadership and better get to know your team. That way you can know how to reach out to your crew.

Listen Before You Leap

Every good manager knows how to listen. When a manager is dismissive of the concerns raised by their people, this creates unnecessary tension, strife and will often lead to a breakdown in communication that compromises your team’s productivity. Taking the time to take note of the concerns being raised by the people you manage will not only give you insight into the big picture, but it will also build your team’s confidence in your competence as a manager. According to one thing that frustrates workers about management more than anything else is when management makes decisions without listening to the concerns of subordinates in the workplace being affected by said decisions.

Know Your Field

Although the field of work you are in does not dictate what it means to be a top manager, you must still make an effort to understand how the various aspects of the field you are involved in works. If necessary, a top manager will expand their insights by pursuing the necessary education to make certain they will have genuine insight into how their given function within the industry they operate in is supposed to be executed. Consequently, receiving a masters in engineering management online, for example, will be just the ticket to helping you advance your management knowledge and skill in a field like engineering.

Conflict Resolution

No matter what company you work for, a top manager will always run into conflict somewhere along the way. As a top manager, you must be ready to be the foremost responsible adult in the situation, identify the parties in conflict and bring order to chaos before it has the opportunity to get out of hand. According to, one way to resolve conflicts fast and keep your team on track is to keep a document of agreed-upon objectives to use as a guide to remind the people in your team how everyone agreed to proceed to achieve the goal. This will give you the leverage to quickly eliminate any extraneous activities that produce unnecessary conflict within your team’s members.

While there are many fields in which you can work, a top manager is someone who stands as a pillar of their department. From having good listening skills to developing the expertise to competently lead your team to success, your role as a top manager is to make sure your team is operating like a well-oiled machine. When you achieve these fundamental skills as a manager, then being a top manager in any field of work is a simple matter of carrying over the highly successful management skills you have learned and applying them to any industry in which you seek to be employed.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.