Experts Weigh In: What gets you the most clicks?

Marketing is a huge part of running a successful business. The trick is, figuring out what kind of marketing works for you. For some small businesses, Facebook is the best route, for others, blogging is what speaks to their customers. We asked our small business experts what earns them the most clicks.

Here’s what they had to say…

1. “What gets us the MOST clicks is no doubt Facebook. We always make sure to talk to the customer in our ads, not about ourselves. This makes it more personal to the reader, and makes them more likely to click. In addition, we make sure to use a interesting photo of our clothes, something that would make you stop when scrolling through your feed. Doing these few things prove to work well for us!” –Eric O’Bradovich, Expo Apparel

2. “Hands down the largest source of traffic for my companies is Facebook ads. Video has shown a 500% in clicks vs standalone images. This also builds trust and familiarity with the prospect. We also make an irresistible offer of some sort that then drives the traffic to a specific sales funnel instead of our website.” –DJ Carroll, Carroll Media

3. “We spent over $300,000 on direct response ads in 2016 alone. Most of our money gets spent on Facebook ads. 

In order to maximize clicks on Facebook we focus on the image first. I know most people say headlines matter, but the first thing anyone looks at on FB as they scroll is the image. You nail the image/headline combo and you’ll get shares which lead to free exposure and cheaper cost per click.” –Ryan Stewman, Hardcore Closer, LLC

4. “What gives us the most clicks is epic content – our unicorn articles. Our best performing article has little to do with the service we offer – we created a post that has 132 of the most amazing websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The best part is that all of those websites we just sitting in our bookmarks! That article is also by far the one people spend the most time reading, which is a search engine ranking factor.” –Carrie Wood, Lease Ref

5. “What gets us the most clicks are blog posts which provide useful information. We are a tourism company – so the info is usually about visiting Brooklyn and NYC. The challenge is getting the blog posts shared by folks whose social media accounts are followed by many foreign people who have an interest in New York. Since we don’t have that kind of reach ourselves.” –Jeff Stirewalt, Brooklyn Unplugged Tours

6. “Any blog post that reviews and compares similar products or services seems to be very popular on our blog. People love to research things online, and are always interested to see if they could be getting a better deal or more value elsewhere, so blog posts like this probably appeal to our inquisitive nature.” –Sam Williamson, Precious Little One

7. “Endorsing influencers is the method that many brands in Indonesia apply to get more brand awareness and ( hopefully ) clicks to website. When an influencer post on social media about your brand, it attracts potential customers and also increase brand awareness, that usually leads to sales on website. Furthermore, facebook ads that is linked to instagram has the same approach that will also yield the same benefit.” –Cindy Sudargo, Aloes 

8. “As a small healthcare start-up, we’ve found that data visualisation campaigns get us the most clicks; we use as much imagery as possible. Tools like infographics and interactive content let us present often complex research in a shareable, easy-to-digest format, which builds on our brand image as a team of highly specialised, approachable medical professionals.” –Stuart Young, DrFelix

9. “Cats! I was just discussing with a colleague the other day despite thoughtful social media planning comprised of informative, educational material, and minimal selling, the Facebook posts that garner the most activity are posts containing personal imagery, for instance, those posts with photos of my cats (aka office assistants) or an off-the-clock activity/event I have shared a photo or video of online.” –Melissa St. Clair, Paper Chaser

10. “After my 10 years using social media to drive sales, I’ve learned that there are three things that will generate the most clicks: videos, quotes, and tips or education (how to xyz). 

When it comes to videos, people will stop to watch, which will lead to likes, comments and sharing. For both quotes and tips, when you offer your audience valuable information, it will make your page stand out from your competition. Free education or a inspirational quote will have your audience, like, share and repost your message, which will drive more clicks and sales. When paired with a freebie in exchange for an email, you increase your conversion rate for a sale.” –Nikki Nicole, NYC Twerkout Fitness & The Diva Speak- Business Strategist

11. “Photos with celebrities gets me the most clicks and clips from my television appearances!” –Zenobia Dewely, Zenobia’s Sweet Tooth

12. “We get the most traction online with our customers and potential customers by creating content that is question and answer driven. We research what questions our customers have, as well, as what questions potential customers are searching online, then we dedicate most of our website to content that asks and answers those questions. Those who, what, when, where, why pages are always the highest performing pages on our website.” –Garrett Ball,

13. “Posting relevant content into LinkedIn groups is a great way to generate clicks. You need strong content to generate clicks no matter where you are sharing it. Posting to LinkedIn groups drives visibility and clicks from specific audiences who should already be interested in your content. This is also a great way to generate more of the ‘right clicks’ because you can target specific user interests.” –Aaron Hockel, AltaVista Strategic Partners

14. “I handle all of the copywriting for our search engine optimization and SEO is our biggest channel. When we first got started getting traffic for our new site and competing with establishing incumbents can be daunting , however with Google’s new tweak to their algorithm highly targeted new sites with quality copy we got a leg up on the established high authority players. This is because Google is rewarding and ranking sites higher that have a higher time spent on page metric. 

So if your average time spent on site is 3 or 4 minutes versus your competitors that may have less than 1 minute , Google will reward your page by pushing you higher up in the search engine results page. The way new site owners can accomplish this is with highly targeted landing pages with engaging copy broken up with what are known as Bucket Brigades 

With the bucket brigade tactic you can keep your visitors on page longer bye breaking up the copy every two or three sentences or sub head phrases such as these: 

Here’s the deal 

Why does this matter 

What’s the catch 

How can this help you 

The best part 

That will captivate your readers attention and psychologically drive them down the page reading more of your copy and keeping them on your site longer. 

This will increase your chances of conversion while pushing you up higher in the search engine results page, it’s a win-win.” –Bryan Clayton, GreenPal

15. “Clean simple images of our real students. I have used stock images, and images I have taken myself, and the ones I have taken ALWAYS outperform the others. People like seeing our real work, and it’s relatable – they could imagine seeing their child learning that skill in our studio.” –Bridey Kearns, Studio 8 Dance

16. “Over and over again, the type of post we do that gets the most clicks, more likes and most comments is videos. We see about 30% more interaction than with other types of posts. Now we upload at least one video per week to Facebook because of these results.” –Jeff Moriarty, Mother’s Family Rings

17. “Our clients/customers love everything about Disney so vibrant images of the park, castle, Mickey Mouse, etc always get them thinking about planning their next Disney vacation. Even when there’s a big national event, it doesn’t necessarily capture the attention of everyone, so as an example, on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll post a photo of Mickey and friends in front of the castle and have a caption that says, I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday, but I’d rather be in Disney! This type of post captures their attention and we’ll get a large amount of Me too! comments!” –Greg Antonelle, MickeyTravels, LLC

18. “We get the most clicks from posting quotes with great imagery on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Our quotes range from deep-thought quotes to quotes that are humorous. Our blog posts ranks a close second in bringing customers to our websites, products, and services.” –Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr., VLB/VBJ Enterprises, LLC

19. “Pinterest is performing really well for our end-to-end content marketing business. We create image rich pins that take readers to our blog posts, with the end goal capturing their email address via a content upgrade (content giveaway related to the story). We’re seeing a 20% increase MoM in traffic!” –Monika Pietrowski, Content Kite

20. “I’ve found that inevitably a facebook post that is heartfelt, includes some of my own personal story/struggle, having overcome something, with striking photos of mine get me the most clicks.” –Mira Zaki, Mira Zaki Photography

21. “I find three arrows being shot at the target is more effective than one. I will do a blog post that I will Press Release about and then share on Facebook and sometimes boost. The triangle of promotion is what will get you the most traffic and clicks.” –Buzz Tatom, Venture West Ranches

22. “We are an animation studio and most of the clicks we get are for blog posts that tell you how to make animated videos. For a long time we thought: surely the people that want to know how to make videos aren’t the same kind of people that *hire* *us* to make videos. But when we looked at the analytics, we saw that it wasn’t so – a lot of these people were still making their way to our contact form. The takeaway is: don’t jump to conclusions about what keywords indicate buying intent – let the data tell you that.” –William Gadea, IdeaRocket LLC

23. “For the last 15 years the single elements that produce the most clicks and productive clicks (leads that purchase) are high rankings in Search Engines that respond to CUSTOMER INTENT (intent being the step before purchase). High rankings that describe the service and include a close geographical description are the single most productive clicks. In our cases they would be terms such as bartending school and derivations such as bartender school, bartending classes, bartending certification along with logical geographical descriptions such as DC, MD, VA, and the towns and counties around it. 

The people who click and purchase get their most important answers on the content of our site which includes items such as scheduling, training, job placement assistance, etc. Even with ever more use of social media high rankings in search responding to intent is the overwhelming source of clicks, which is true for this site and others we operate and own.” –Dave Oremland, Professional Bartending School

24. “I am the Global Social Interactions and Analytics Strategist for Transitions2earth and I work directly with our CEO to help leverage our audience engagement to increase sales so it is crucial that we know when and how to get clicks. We track every click on every social media post from every social platform and our website. Firstly, timing is everything and for every company it is different. For Transitions2earth, we post only before 12:00PM on Monday and Tuesday. We have found that our customers click more often on content relating to an idea or concept that they have little prior knowledge of. Great, high quality images and interesting information about your company and products is important for your business but for a customer to click its usually from their own curiosity and interest. For example, in our eco-conscious and sustainable community, a post about new ideas such as upcycling or new bioplastic technology would perform well. Customers are people, they are curious and eager to learn, Transitions2earth uses this idea to increase sales. By creating content that sparks the interest of customers on social media or our blog we interest them in our community and technology which we hope propels them to check out our website or our Amazon page and make a purchase.” –Sara Bennett, Transitions2earth

25. “We receive the most clicks from informative content. In the trucking world, that means news on changing laws and regulations that will affect a trucker’s livelihood or day-to-day operation. If we’re in the mood for bonus clicks? We’ll up the emotion factor and gently remind them that the new laws and regulations came from their politicians.” –Dave Delaney, Owner Operator Direct

26. “The posts that get the most clicks for my business are images with me in nature. I’ve traveled the world, taking pictures of my products at cool landmarks, but the posts that gain the most traction always have me and a really cool shot of nature. It indicates to me that my readers like posts about adventure and travel, even though my company makes men’s grooming products. Featuring the human element of a company is far more effective for engagement than products.” –Chandler Sterling, California Beard Company

27. “By far what gets us the most clicks and traffic is google re targeting ads, then I would say Facebook. Additionally, every time we get featured on an influencer’s blog or instagram post, our audience gets really excited about.” –Sebastian Borquez Becker, Boberck 

28. “As a criminal defense attorney, I have had success by writing blogs or blog series on specific crimes or criminal topics. I recently did this with DUIs as it is a very common first offense and but for the grace of god there go I crime. I broke down the entire circumstance of DUI from the conduct that led to a law enforcement officer stopping the vehicle, through the arrest process, and then concluded with what to expect when the case goes through the court system. The key is to make this information easy to find and understand.” –Ryan Albaugh, Albaugh Law Firm

29. “Facebook video ads are currently performing the best for us in terms of both volume of clicks and cost per click. It’s critical that the video is posted as an ad unit, NOT just a video posted to your Facebook page. As a normal post, you’d have to add a link in the text description that appears above the video, whereas, with a video ad, the video itself can be clickable. This usually makes the video ad units vastly outperform a normal video post. As for the content itself, what works best for us is simply showing people using the product via customer submitted, low tech cell phone video.” –Eric Shannon, Big Barker dog beds

30. “What tends to give me the most clicks whether it’s a blog or social media is either images of some new project we are launching (like a secret preview) or pictures of me with some of my celebrity clients.” –Andreas B Johansson, Berkovitz Development Group Ltd

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