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If you’ve ever wanted to watch your mission-driven organization move mountains, you’ve come to the right place. At Prosper Strategies, this PR and marketing firm is about so much more than helping a business get a bit of media exposure. Co-Founders Lindsay and Alyssa focus on building deep partnerships with their clients including nonprofits, education organizations, and for-profit social impact companies to in order to better understand their challenges and prep them for great opportunities. Read on to find out more about Lindsay and Alyssa and their Chicago, IL-based B Corp.

prosper_strategies_logo How Prosper Strategies got its start: “Our mission is to help nonprofits and social enterprises advance their missions and goals through smart marketing. We started the company because we recognized a need for a marketing firm that understood the unique needs of the nonprofit sector and for-profit companies that have a dual focus on purpose and profits. For these organizations, marketing isn’t just about driving revenue. It’s also about mission impact. They require a unique type of marketing partner, and Prosper exists to answer that call.”

The beauty of being a B Corp: I love that our entire team is united in the belief that our business can be a force for good. We make decisions differently because we adhere to a different set of success metrics than most companies. I also feel honored to work every day with clients who share this same mindset.”

alyssa_conrardy_prosper_strategiesHow our team is part of our success: “I think our biggest success story so far has been promoting two our employees who have been with Prosper Strategies since the very beginning into senior roles and watching them really come into their own as impact-minded professionals part of our company.”

How our manifesto allows us to “B The Change” daily: Every day, we make decisions with the B Corp Manifesto in mind , both for our company and for our clients. We constantly ask ourselves: will this opportunity/idea/client/campaign allow us to drive some sort of meaningful change? Will this create more good than harm? How will it impact the people, places and future generations that we’re in an interdependent relationship with?”

lindsay_mullen_prosper_strategiesIf you want to become a B Corp… “Do it! It seems really intense and involved (I should know, I put off our certification for almost two years) but it’s easier the newer your company is, and more importantly, it will give you the framework to build a company that makes a positive impact and that you can be proud of.”

What’s next for B Corporations? “I only expect the B Corporation movement to continue to grow. Consumers are increasingly showing preference for companies that support the causes they care about, and as they continue to ‘vote with their dollars’ B Corps will continue to get more support. I think we’ll see a day where operating as a B Corp is the norm, not the exception.”

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About Lindsay Mullen & Alyssa Conrardy, Co-Founders of Prosper Strategies

Lindsay Mullen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Prosper Strategies. In her work as Prosper Strategies’ Co-Founder and CEO, Lindsay works with clients to get to the core of who they are and bring their strongest stories to the forefront. There’s nothing she likes more than navigating a tough challenge with resourceful strategy. Follow her on Twitter @LindsMMullen.

Alyssa Conrardy is the Co-Founder and President of Prosper Strategies. As Co-Founder and President of Prosper Strategies, Alyssa guides the firm’s efforts to help mission-driven companies grow. She’s especially skilled at helping the firm’s clients harness the power of today’s best digital tools and technologies to achieve their goals. Follow her on Twitter @AlyssaConrardy.

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