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If you’re a courageous do-gooder who wants to change the world, See3 wants to help you! Founded by Michael Hoffman, this agency uses digital strategy and tools including web development and video to help you make the most impact for your cause. Read on to find out more about Michael and his Chicago, IL-based B Corp.

see3_logo_horizontalHow See3 got its start: “I was a startup entrepreneur and created See3 to combine the power of technology with improving the world. Our mission is to help nonprofits unleash the power of storytelling to change the world. We strengthen organizations with digital strategies that bust silos, maximize efficiencies and end the reliance on short-term tactical thinking. We make our digital strategies real by build websites, producing videos and creating digital tools that carry stories and move people to action.”

The beauty of working at a B Corp: “B Corp is a means to stay true to our values. Life is too short and the world too messed up to not align our businesses with a greater positive purpose. B Corp is a great way to achieve that alignment.”

gather_voices_logoWhen we succeed, everyone succeeds: “We’ve helped hundreds of organizations reach millions of constituents and raise hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s been amazing and the whole team at See3 feels that our success is really our client’s success. One thing I am particularly proud of right now is Gather Voices, a spin-off company from See3 that has a platform, called GV-One, that helps organizations collect manage and publish user-generated video content. It’s very powerful and we’re already seeing major impact with it.”

How to be “B The Change” in big and small ways: “ See3 is being the change every day through both large and small actions.  From the soap we buy for the office to the way in which we structure employee benefits, See3 is working hard to live the change we want to see in the world.”

If you want to become a B Corp… “There is zero downside to B Corp designation. It will only make you more conscious of how you operate and it doesn’t impose any specific actions or activities on your company. I would say, go for it!”

This is just the beginning for B Corps… “The B Corporation movement is just getting started. As people realize that others won’t solve the problems of the world for them, they come to see that how they act every day is what matters. “ B Corps are a way to put the power of business into the efforts to live in a more perfect world.

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About Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3

michael_hoffman_see3Michael combines his passion for social good with his knowledge and experience of technology and storytelling to lead See3’s consulting practice. Michael is a long-time consultant to nonprofit leaders and works closely with organizations such as Make-A-Wish, Alzheimer’s Association and UJA Federation of New York on community engagement strategies. He started his career as a Washington-based political consultant and nonprofit fundraiser before joining a venture investment firm to develop Internet startups. Michael is an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer on the future of technology, storytelling for social change, and organizational development in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

This has been a Fantastic B Corps post, MyCorporation’s salute to the entity that gives back to business and society. Join us biweekly for a glimpse at the entrepreneurs using their small business to “B The Change” in this global movement for good.