How Natural Disasters Impact Businesses

Businesses prepare themselves for all kinds of man-made disasters — from supply chain interruptions to labor disputes. Oftentimes, though, they neglect to prepare themselves for one obvious type of disaster. Natural disasters can have seriously negative impacts on businesses. Whether it’s an earthquake in California, a hurricane in Florida, a snowstorm in New York or a tornado in Kansas, natural disasters can strike businesses anywhere. Businesses that are prepared to deal with the after-effects of these disasters stand a much better chance of surviving whatever Mother Nature can throw at them.

Being prepared for a natural disaster means more for a business than having an evacuation plan and keeping plenty of emergency supplies on hand at its facilities — although that’s certainly important. Disaster preparation includes establishing communications plans and backing up essential files and systems. A natural disaster can disrupt important services in a number of ways, so businesses need to focus on being ready for anything. The following infographic contains crucial steps businesses can take to protect themselves and their employees from natural disasters. Be sure you’re ready to weather whatever type of catastrophe you face — man-made or not.



Jeff Flanagan is Senior Solution Consultant for Precision Software, a trusted leader in global trade and transportation execution. He has been in the supply chain execution industry for 35 years in support, implementation, project management and sales consulting.