7 Entrepreneur Tips For When You Want Fast Growth In Half The Time

Want to run your own business, but feeling pushed for time? Don’t worry — even time-poor entrepreneurs can grow their businesses if they work efficiently. Here are some easy ways to make the most of all the hours in the day.

1) Consider outsourcing

For anything from bookkeeping to blogging, outsourcing is a huge time-saver, leaving you to focus on strategy and community engagement. And outsourcing to people over the internet is easy — simply create job ads on sites like PeoplePerHour or Upwork. Don’t look at outsourcing as letting go of control. It’s still your job to build the processes, manifest the vision, and create the environment that generates the outsourced work.

Be careful, though. There are levels of protection and support, but you should never 100% rely on someone you haven’t met. Only share information you need to, and keep secure copies of important documents.

2) Implement automation

When you don’t have a team to rely on, automation is your best friend. It can help you handle so many common tasks, freeing you to work on everything that can’t be scaled:

  • Tools like Buffer can help you master social media, make the most of popular posts, and stay socially active at optimal times.
  • Apps like IFTT can handle just about any administrative task you assign them.
  • Error-free invoicing and payment systems can serve clients reliably without you needing to get involved.

3) Focus on your audience

Your audience is your most valuable asset, and need to be outstanding at engaging with them. From initial audience research (how to attract) to client experience (how to keep), make sure that you’re always offering maximum value to your fan base. If you are short on time, you can still engage with and grow your audience. Focus on growing organically and invest in your most engaged customers in order to make them ambassadors on behalf of your brand.

4) Use crowdsourcing

Use the power of the people around you, or crowdsourcing, when you need ideas, inspiration, or validation. Take every chance you can to road test products and services, and push social proof in your marketing. Engage with people through social media platforms and build on those exchanges to create new content.

5) Keep looking for new opportunities

Scanning for fruitful collaborations and new opportunities is important for fully realizing the potential of your business. Don’t forget to have open and honest conversations with people — conversations that could eventually lead to great things. Schedule in some time, even just once a week, to get involved in Twitter chats that are relevant to your industry, or over email.

6) Develop yourself

Instead of trying to be great at everything, hone in on the things that you can do really well. When you are up against it, it’s easy to lose focus and start to panic. Keep focusing on your purpose. Visualization, affirmations, a good run — there’s always a way to reset your brain and reconnect with your creativity. Entrepreneurs must learn to achieve a fruitful state that will allow them to grow, not stagnate.

7) Embrace part-time scheduling

Sometimes the full-time business route can be exhausting, so going part-time at first can be a great way to grow at a steady pace without stressing yourself out or draining your funds. Part-time entrepreneurs benefit from savvy scheduling. Plan your meetings close together and invest in weekly routines to keep your life on track.

Kayleigh Alexandra is a content writer for Micro Startups, a site dedicated to spreading the word about startups and small businesses of all shapes and sizes. Visit the blog for the latest marketing insights from top experts and inspiring entrepreneurial stories. Follow us on Twitter @getmicrostarted.