4 Marketing Must-Dos That Your Customers Will LOVE

Valentine’s day may be a few days away, but that’s still plenty of time to reel in customers with the perfect marketing cupids bow. During Valentines Day, consumers all over the nation open their hearts, and wallets, to show love for their partners. According to the National Retail Foundation, in 2018, V-Day brought in an astounding 19.6 billion in retail sales.

So, don’t settle for a few measly heart lights, window stickers and banners. Instead, devote your time, delight your customers, and reel in sales with a few low-cost and easy marketing strategies. Make your customers fall head over heels for your business by following these four marketing must-dos.

1. Lovely color changes to your logo and social media banner

“L” is for how much you love your business. Spoil her this V-Day by designing a temporary logo and social media cover. Once customer’s see her makeover, they’ll definitely be giving your business a double-take.

Don’t think your customers will notice if you change your color scheme? Take a note from one of the most popular marketing experts.

Google, a leading search engine company, is also notorious for their logo marketing. Throughout the year, they temporarily change their logo color scheme and design with Google Doodles to celebrate holidays, events, and historical people. Billions of people are captivated and interact with these designs every day. They’ve got to be doing something right, so it can’t hurt to try it out on your business.

Ready to give your business a makeover? Visit Canva, a free online graphic design tool, to design the perfect valentines day banner and logo.

2. One and only charity

“O” is for how you generously open your heart to charities. This V-day, fancy a local or national organization by making them your sweetheart. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to raise funds, try hosting a talent show, raffle, contest, or karaoke event.

If you own an online business and can’t host a live event, make direct contributions and/or ask customers to donate.

Social responsibility is fun and looks great on a business. Remember, your selfless efforts won’t go unnoticed. According to the London Business School, businesses that embrace social responsibility generally have higher customer loyalty and better financial outcomes in short and long-term.

3. Voluptuous bargains

“V” is for the variety of customers who buy your amazing products/services. During this time of the year, business owners promote V-Day packages for couples and singles. Often times, without relalizing it, they’re excluding a huge customer market.

According to Time.com researcher found that one in five relationships are polyamorous — an intimate relationship with more than one partner, with the consent of all partners involved.

While monogamous couples can easily find deals on their favorite products/services on V-Day, many polyamorous customers are not accommodated. Fulfill your customers’ needs by offering deals for three!

4. Enchanting emails

“E” is for how marketing emails enchant your customers. Start your Valentines Day promotion by creating a free personalized email marketing campaign. Yes, personalized emails require more time and effort, but have a higher ROI.

A recent report from Campaign Monitor shows that personalized subjects have a 26 percent higher chance of being opened. Personalized emails have a 14 percent increased click rate with a 10 percent conversion.
Remember to be strategic when planning your campaign. Send out your email reminders a few days before V-Day. Give your procrastinating customers an extra nudge by sending them a personal email on V-Day and a few days after.

Lastly, take note that couples extend their celebration into the weekend. Use this opporutnity to promote products that they’ll love on their romantic getaway.